October 2015

October has been a month of dealing with the consequences of September. Talisa has yet to get her tests, and with 6 weeks of not having the resources to get those tests, I felt it was my responsibility to her to start the surrender process. A couple of people said they were going to help, and I am sure that at least half of them had the best of intentions, but as of the last day of the month, nothing. On the same day I had filled out the surrender documents, there was a call for the Rescue Organization to pick her up. The woman informed me that she will be going in on Monday to get all of the tests she will need, and get the care she will need. In November, the household has decreased by a third.

Verizon wanted to charge me $90 for internet only services. This is completely unaffordable, and with failure to get a price I can afford, I had to sought out Comcast which in the first week of services and even before installation, there was billing problems. Sounds just like the good ole’ days. And yes I feel Verizon is better, but I am sure that most people will feel a Tesla Model S is better than a Yugo, but if you can only afford a Yugo, it doesn’t matter that you prefer the Model S. After the installation, I should be paying about $45 per month which is half of what Verizon wanted to charge. To play Devil’s advocate, Verizon was willing to talk about negotiations when I called to terminate the account. However, at this point it is too late.

With the cancellation of my brother’s and his family lines – I have one more bill at $200. After that, my bill has went down to $115. $25 of that is last payments, and therefore December’s bill should be about $85 per month. Even in best case scenario, I will be expecting to pay $50 + taxes. Project Fi has sent me a SIM which I will be activating in the first week of November. The same services that T-Mobile will charge me, I will be paying $30 + taxes. I want to have Fi running now to make sure it will work for me. If so, I will make even more of an aggressive attempt to pay off the EIP which will be the only thing keeping me to T-Mobile.

Went through Ear surgery in the last week of the month. This involved having to remove a cyst in the left ear. Even if it is benign, if it grew down, it could enter the jawbone, and if it grew up, it could enter the brain. Needless to say, this was something that had to be done. Will be seeing a post op appointment in week 1 of November.

I would guess if there was some good news, my niece will be having or had a baby in the last days of the month. Also, my food assistance benefits went from $70 to $110. Otherwise, all is as mentioned.

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