October 2017

This month was much like most months. However, I was busier than normal with appointments. There have been some changes. First, the department of Traveler’s AId which provides me with bus fare to get to and from doctor appointments have changed. I called the new department for the first time late last month. I also acquired a USB A – C cable. This will allow me to charge my phone next to where I sleep. Before this, I had to charge it early in the morning.

The first week was as normal. I, however, had a phone call regarding my brother. He, however, has yet to actually call me since the last time he did me wrong. This is for the best in my opinion, but he still sees it fit to cause more issues with me. Next, I had a doctor’s appointment which I went to. When I got back into Downtown, I missed my bus and had to go to a McDonalds’ to get off of my feet. This was because of me having to get bread to support my meals.

The second week was a bit quiet. I did all of the normal things such as taking Malak for his walks. Like normal, I received bus tickets which will be for the multiple appointments in the coming week. I also called someone to remind them that they owe money. This person does pay, but I have to nag him about it because that is how big boys and girls behave.

The third week, I had a number of appointments. The first one was with a nurse to make sure the medicine I take is working the way it should. The second appointment was with my eye doctor to check and make sure my cataract is in check. The third was with a therapist which in my opinion is not as productive as value, but something that needs to be done nonetheless.

The fourth week, I called Comcast to get on their Internet Essentials program. For the past four months, I have been dealing with Verizon for Internet service. The problem with Verizon is I had been having SIP/VOIP issues with them. Since I use my “home” phone for most of my calls when I am home to reduce the demand of minutes on my cellular phone, having a reliable service is imperative. For $50/month, I was not getting what I expected. With Internet Essentials, I will only have 15MBPS, but at least when I used Comcast last, I didn’t have issues that I currently have with Verizon. Comcast is having me jump through hoops which will likely mean one more bill. My brother also spoke with me, and as usual, it was about something he wanted.

On a better note, I had some money left in my checking account. This money went to my Savings Account which I am trying to build while I am paying off my debt. My intention is to transfer money from Checking to Savings at the end of every month. This will put me at a $0 balance for when my benefits come through. This means I will start every month with what I get on SSI, and make it work the rest of the month.

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