One Main Financial, Liar and Thief? You decide!


This page has a few vulgar words, and this post will not be appropriate for children, nor anyone who are easily offended by such language. In which case, you will definitely want to avoid the last paragraph.

About 5 years ago, I had to get a loan to try to settle personal issues. I got a second one to address some debt I had that I was trying to consolidate and reduce. As time went on, it will become apparent that no matter what I will do, if I can’t address the student loan, any other financial issues will not matter if they are addressed (as far as a Credit Score goes). Nonetheless, I wanted to keep things right with One Main Financial.

During the whole period of the loan, I changed the bank, got a letter from the bank disclosing the R&T/Account number, and strived for the most smooth transition possible. Nothing wrong there. In addition, I had one month deferment while they were Citi Financial, and while I had to move to Troy Hill, I tried to get an extension on the loan for the security deposit and first month rent (which I had some of it already). They refused. I then tried to get a deferment of 3 months which they refused. Fine, despite me being a very good customer, and addressing any issue that may have appeared immediately by going there personally on a couple of buses, fine. I obviously learned they no longer wished my business after this loan was settled.

August 2012 rolls, on, and I got the statement, and just to make sure – I called and asked the branch office I dealt with when my last loan payment is. They told me because of the deferment I had when they were Citi Financial, my last loan payment has been pushed to October. Completely reasonable and understandable. I thanked them for their business, even though it would have seemed that past attempts to negotiate funds with them has proven to be an ultimate failure, I had not harsh feelings.

October rolls along, and my $117.36 loan payment left my bank on the second day of the month.  Nothing special happened except that this was my last loan payment – so I was told. November comes, and now I am in predator mode to address the other interest bearing account. My Capital One Credit Card needs to be address. I also had an unexpected $100 worth of bills that came through, so I just put a major amount down, and will address more of it once the smoke clears, and Andie pays her phone bill.

As the smoke starts clearing, it I seen something horrific. I had another $117.36 automatic withdraw from my account from One Main Financial. 6:30AM, I am calling my branch, and leaving a message that they need to call me immediately. They did call about 8:45AM (shortly after the branch opened), and I was informed that I still owed less than $2.00 on my loan. Now, let’s keep thing simple. Less than $2.00 – so let’s say $2.00. They also took $117 out of my bank account. So in other words, they took 5850% more than what they should have. For those not good with percentages, that is 58½ time more than they would be allowed to address my $2.00 loan balance.

So, they decided to electronically take out my money from my bank account. How are they going to address this. You would think electronically, right. WRONG! They will be mailing me a check. When are they going to mail a check, well I had to call customer service for that, and they say about 10 business days. Now, from my experience of dealing with businesses in my almost 40 years of life, 10 business days means when we damn well feel like it.

So, now if someone at One Main Financial would have said, the last full payment is in October, but you would still owe $2.00, and we would take out the full amount, I would have been down there the next day and handed them $2.00 even though it would have cost me nearly $10 in bus fare, and the time. And let’s face it, if I had a bank account with $720 (about what I get per month), and I walked into my bank and removed $42,120 against the banks will, I will be thrown in federal prison for bank robbery. It’s that plain and simple.

If someone asks when the bus comes, and I know it comes at 1:00PM, and tell them 1:10PM, and they miss that bus because of my information, what does that make me. Even if they didn’t miss the bus. If I say something I know is not honest, and truthful – that is called a lie.

So, when I called One Main Financial branch that I been dealing with and they tell me that my last payment is October, when it doesn’t seem like it is, that is a Lie. When some takes $117 from someone when only $2 is owed, that is theft. Now, when I questioned customer service about this, they told me that their computer system just takes the amount out no matter what. It’s not their fault, it is the computer’s fault. I’m no computer science major, but I have yet to put the number 2 in a calculator and somehow have it come up as $117.

So, would I consider One Main Financial a Liar, and a Thief. ABSOLUTELY. Even if this is the only time it has happened, If I robbed the bank of 5850% more than what was in my bank account, I will be a thief. No questions asked, and anyone that says different, well your parents obviously didn’t raise you properly. If I do not tell the truth, that makes me a liar. Anyone that says different obviously wasn’t raised properly by their parents. So if anyone will see this and assume that One Main Financial was in the right obviously wasn’t raised properly by their parents.

And for those that are saying I am just pissed off, you’re damn right I am, and so would you if someone lied to you which caused them the ability to steal 58 times more than is owed. Here’s the thing though. If they said, you’re right Mr. Pilone, our system is 20 years old and doesn’t know how to withdraw less than a full payment out. You should see your money returned to your account within a few business days, I would have been accepting of that. I would still have been appalled, but at least a reasonable measure of atonement would have been made. Instead, I got it sucks to be you, and we’ll mail a check the latest we must by law. Fuck You, and deal with it. Needless to say, I am paraphrasing that last part, but it pretty much is what they said without all of the readout of a handbook bullshit quote.

6 thoughts on “One Main Financial, Liar and Thief? You decide!”

    1. I can only speak for myself, but I had my problems towards the end. I think it from the point they were purchased by One Main Financial that the problem rose from. However, at the time – they were the only ones willing to lend money which they of course were paid back in full, so for them – it was a good risk.

  1. I too have ha the same situation, however, I paid my account off in August and they continued to withdraw $197 per month from my account up until December. I had stopped payment with them but their computer system continued to withdraw, my bank stopped payments but they continued to post payments or attempting to pull funds from my account 3 x’s a month, every time they did this my bank charged me return check fee.

    They stated the same thing to me, it takes 10 days for checks or reimbursement to occur ( understand, what this means is that it takes 10 days for the information to go from customer service to accounts payable, then it can take an additional 20 days to receive a check) I have gotten 2 out of my checks owed and it has taken them 5 months to do this with me having to call at this time 1 x weekly to check in with them and find out they haven’t followed through. The issue that occurs, every time one calls a new encounter form is created and nobody takes the time to put it into 1 to make sure there is a sequential order in regards to customer concerns. Now, customer service and management is very poor, Thomas, a customer service representative I have spoken to is actually very knowledgable but he doesn’t get to the issue and won’t return calls ( not surprising), he actually said to me, ” sir, you have to understand we’re from the south, we don’t move as quickly as you folks in the North” I appreciate the sarcasm but omg, your computer systems, your customer service, are not supportive and continue to take money from me. The only thing Ican do is contact better business bureau or go to small claims court- the cost for this would be more than the $1,000 they owe me at this time.

    I do warn you, Erica the manager is useless, non responsive, non communicative , and clueless as well in no rush to support; I am sure she is dealing with many folks with the same issue, the company needs to fix this issue with the computer once accounts are paid off as they are aware of it.

    Conclusion, stay away, I know folks fall into hard times and need funds/ Financial support but in the moment we have tunnel vision, the rates are terrible, the customer service is non existent, the company has proven not to be stable, so loans may shift carriers throughout and trust me documentation is lost and more issues occur and more self advocacy and good paperwork trail is necessary. Go to consumer credit counsel and start there first but don’t use One Main Financial !

  2. I had just received a letter from this company stating that I was pre approved for a $6000 loan .. which is amazing! I then read that they have “have over 100 years of experience” .. I called bullshit immediately then decided to look into when the company was established. I can’t find anything about them except phone numbers, locations and this post. Glad I did! They aren’t getting my buisness!

  3. OMG I’m having trouble trying to pay mine. My checking account is overdrawn every month and they don’t care. Looking at all these people that like myself on auto draft I don’t want them too keep pulling money out of my account.

    1. Sent you an email about this issue, but depending on the situation, your best option might be to get a new bank account, and close the old one. Always set up the new account before closing the old one. Also, Capital One 350 account might be an option for you to consider as they have a more ethical way of dealing with overdrafts if you qualify.

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