Out with the Bad, In with the Good (Maybe)

It is rumored that Google plans to acquire Gizmo. While some people may not be able to get enough of Gizmo, I personally had my first week with them as a week of hell, and don’t ever expect much from them afterwards. However, if Google purchases Gizmo, this might help both sides.

First, I could see Gizmo’s infrastructure and VOIP system integrate with Google Voice. This could mean that any open SIP client could essentially use Google Voice without having to have a +1 747 number which isn’t available on the PSTN. In addition, Gizmo has the resources to allow for acquiring out of US numbers such as the UK. This could mean that with the Gizmo VOIP infrastructure, a person could acquire a UK number for example, and have it as their Google Voice number. When someone calls it, it would transparently ring the 747 area code, or as normal a cell phone, or PSTN line.

This could also open up a whole new possibility for Android based phones. Currently, all Android phones are cellular smart phones, but imagine a basic Android OS just for wifi/PSTN phones. Gizmo’s infrastructure could now make Google a unified number telecom with “compatible” devices. Let’s look at the following idea.

You have an Android based cell phone, and a Android based home phone. You also have a PBX at work with a DID (Direct Incoming Dialing) number. Your Android home phone uses your Google Voice number, and while your cell phone has a dedicated number, it would also show your Google Voice number through the dialer. Now, when someone calls your Google Voice number, it would ring the respective phones, but it could be set up where all of your outgoing calls show up with Google Voice.

And while this could theoretically be done now with Android devices, they are still much of a niche market that is unheard of outside of the cell phone market. However, if done right, Google can make a stripped down version of Android maybe taking out messaging, and using Google Voice as an exclusive dialer. Also, no GSM/CDMA support would be needed. This could essentially be a home phone that could allow all forms of incoming calls. Maybe with Google’s money, there could be FOIP support, and your home phone might have on-screen fax support.

However, as of now – all of this is speculation, but imagine the possibilities. All one would need is a broadband internet connection for their home phone. I could see such an Android wifi phone costing about $50 since the licensing on Android is so reasonable. Such a phone might have a ½ QWERTY keyboard making sending quick messages easy Really fancy phones could be touch screen, but in addition to the benefit of a truly free VOIP service, imagine your contacts across multiple devices all paired and synced together.

The only problem I see which is like this in current situations where one device has multiple numbers, and that is the confusion of two or more ringers going off at the same time, and dealing with the call waiting tone of calling yourself accidently.

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