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For the 3 people that visits my web site regularly may have noticed the the About Section, and page on my dogs have vanished from my personal site. In addition, the Plans for the year, and my wish list is gone from this site. However, this information is still available.

As for the plans for 2014 – this will become a blog posting. It will have similar information, and will be late to the year, but it will still be a blog posting. I will do something similar in the first month of 2015 as well. Now, as for all of the grand pages that were on this site. They haven’t been killed off completely, but they were obsolete. is focusing more as a blog site even though I don’t write in it daily. Therefore, my goal is to focus on that blog aspect. My About Section, and Pets’ Page has been moved to As some may know, is one of my domains although have been underutilized as of lately. This domain will carry a more prominent role. Already, this domain will replace most of, and will soon add a sub domain with pictures, information on my religious beliefs (which some that inquired was confused) as well as my Wish List.

In the future, this will be the only blog site, and all other sites will focus exclusively on content. The goal will be to push myself in a position where my network of sites may seem to be reputable while actually meaning something on a personal level. This will also help organize my content and make it easier to find. Rather than searching multiple domains for certain content, everything – or almost everything in centralized places. This will push a focus on fsp domains – however, and will still be in my network of sites.

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