Progress on the Hunt

Today, I went to the only apartment I found that would hopefully meet my needs. I spoke with the property owner, and he would have to install a ramp for the time I would end up dealing with a wheelchair. In comparison to what I have now, this is a downgrade, but considering that this unit will no longer accept Section-8 in the next lease year, and a 1BR is more than my month’s income + utilities, I definitely can not even think of this place.

So, what is my initial assessment of this apartment? Well, the owner seems pretty reasonable, and seems as if he is willing to work with me. I have informed him that I can not afford to pay more than what I am paying now. As for financial considerations, my hopes is to get the utilities included, and get the security deposit waived (unlikely), or reduced. However, there are other considerations too.

Next, there is only 1 bus (route 4) that will go to the area in a reasonable distance (a couple of blocks). To get to the apartment in time, I had to take a route 1, and walk up an insanely steep hill (with steps), and then walk about another 15 minutes to the apartment. This should tell you that the Route 4 does not have a great schedule. Saturday service is even worse, and no Sunday service.

The neighborhood looks like a nice and quiet area. There are two banks (neither of them are mine), a convenience store (a bit pricey), but doesn’t have the same quality of products that are local to me now. There is a small neighborhood pharmacy which means it will be unlikely they will carry my medicine. If I move there, I am going to have to speak with the pharmacist, and provided they will accept my insurance, I will have to see if they will carry my pain medicine. I will still use them for other prescriptions since it will be easier to walk to there than taking a bus.

As for laundry, unlike here where there is a laundry room on every floor, I will have to rely on an laundry mat next door to the convenience store. For the time I will either be temporarily or permanently in a wheel chair, this will make things a little problematic. And in regards to grocery stores, there is one seems to be along the bus line. When going to Downtown, it is about a block walk, however when going away from town (therefore back home), it will be about 3 blocks away.

As for the place itself, it is a house converted to a 2 unit apartment. The apartment I will have is a bit small, but it is doable. I didn’t notice many electrical outlets – so this would be somewhat of a problem. As we speak now, I will need about 20 outlets for everything. This will mean I will need to invest in UPS and surge protectors. Otherwise, I will have to unplug things and switch which might be easier said then done with the location of the outlets if I should be in a chair again. This may force me to rely more on a cellular phone as for voice communications go. There is a kitchen, bathroom, a small center room, and a larger room adjacent with the exterior wall. If I take this place, I will most likely make the larger room a living space and the smaller room sleeping even though it is adjacent with the kitchen.

Now, as for the Internet, there is Verizon FiOS (according to service. For Internet, that will give me a 15/5MBPS connection for $55, and disappointedly – a 1 year commitment. If I wanted television, Verizon offers their own TV service with 180 channels for $65 per month. Of course, I could get a bundle for $70. Yes, this sounds expensive, but as crazy as it sounds, it is probably half of what Comcast will charge. Considering my television is really no good, I will not be considering TV anytime in the near future. I will be hoping I would only have to rely on my phone service afterwards.

So, what will I do if I had this place? Well, as for arrangements, I will most likely loose the couch which is not in good condition, but maybe able to keep the corner seat. I will have to decide if the TV is worth keeping. If not, I will loose DVD services for the time being until I can afford $200 for a new television. The apartment being as small as it is, I am sure the wifi-G router I currently have will work without any range issues. As now, the access point for the phone, and modem will be plugged in. The PC will remain close by. I will probably use the desk to house the network system, and therefore may have one less entertainment center to deal with. The bedroom will of course have the bed, and will use what end tables I will have to house the charging base, and one of the iPod docks. I will probably need to get a Route 4 schedule considering that I will need to take that just to get any where by the way of Downtown.

And in regards to places I go, provided that the bus routes through Downtown remains as they are, I will have a short walk for just about everything. Waterworks can go by the way of Route 1, and 91 – both within 2 blocks of Route 4. My brother’s (current place) will be by 86 or 88 (same stop as 91). My doctor’s in Oakland can be by 6 – 7 buses – all within 3 blocks. My anesthesiologist will be a little more work. I would be able to catch only 2 of the buses through Oakland, or catch an EBA which is a bit of a distance from the Route 4’s stop. If the pharmacy in Troy Hill won’t support the pain medicine, or insurance – my best hope is the same pharmacy chain that I use now, but a special trip forcing me to jump through some hoops. The carrier’s store has two in Downtown, but both are a good walk from the Route 4’s stop. The post office box I have will also be a good walk, but at least still in the same neighborhood, and if need be, I can take a bus to get a bit closer if I needed too while not having to pay. The subway (when Port Authority gets it working right) will be a an option too.

I am hoping for another option to come to my lap in the next few days. If so, this might be a location in Lawenceville. At least in that means, there are better options of routes such as 64 (grocery, and anesthesiologist), 91 (Downtown, and Waterworks), and 93 (Brother’s current place, and Oakland). However, so far – I am looking at this one place.

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