Review: Comcast Internet Essentials

A couple of months ago, I canceled my Verizon FiOS for Comcast Internet Essentials. One of the main reasons was cost. Comcast Internet Essentials is an Internet Service Plan intended for low-income households. The plan provides a 15/3MBPS internet connection for $10/month. Since I been using it for a couple of months, I figured to write a review about it.

The Good

The major advantage of the plan is the price. It is again, only $10 per month which is a benefit for anyone considered as low-income. With reasonable expectations, this will meet the basic needs. I stream music all day on it, and when not streaming music, I have been able to watch normal quality videos.

The Bad

The main gripe I have with this service is the requirement that I must use their modem/router. I already have a cable modem that works with Comcast, and a router with everything that I wanted set up with it. However, when I told the technician that I already have a router and modem, I was told I had to use this one. This, in my opinion, is a bit ridiculous as I should be allowed to use my own equipment if it works with the company’s network.

To the best of my knowledge (at least in the Pittsburgh area), the only qualification offered is if you are in subsidized housing. This includes public housing and Section-8. There should be other options such as SSI, or SNAP. However, they don’t seem to offer recognition of that just yet.


There is not much to say about the service. You get a 15/3MBPS connection for $10 per month. If you can qualify, this should be something to consider. Keep in mind that you can not have Comcast Internet Services for 3 months prior to ordering Internet Essentials.

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