Acer E5-576G-81GD

This notebook was purchased to replace my failing previous computer. That computer was 7 years old when it finally failed, and I hoping that this PC will last about the same amount of time. I purchased this machine from a third party seller from Amazon for $830. In addition, I added a second drive which this review will be assuming that second drive is in place. All together, the system and components cost about $950.

The system has an Intel i7-8550U CPU which runs at 1.8Ghz. There is 8GB of memory, but the system can be upgraded with up to 32GB with the use of 2 × 16GB SODIMM. The system has an NVIDIA GeForce GPU which will take over when there is a demand on the system that will require a graphics card. The system came with a 256GB M.2 Solid State Flash (SSF) module (C:), along with an addition of a 512GB 2.5″ Solid State Drive (SSD) (D:), and a DVDRW Drive (E:). There is also an SD Card reader. The system has a USB Type-C, 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, HDMI out, VGA, and RJ45-1GBPS port. The system has Wifi-AC, and Bluetooth for Wireless Communications.

So far, the system performs nicely. I hadn’t done anything to task the system much, but the system will load within about 10 seconds because of the SSF. The system handled dealing with OS updates which were immediate when loading the system. With the SD card reader, I was able to acquire most of my personal files from my old PC and transferred the files to the SSD. This saved hours of work that trying to transfer via the Internet would have done. The keyboard is back lit which is my first PC with a back lit keyboard.

I have contacted Acer Support in May of 2018, asking about what memory I should buy to upgrade the system. I have yet to hear back from them. I am sure I could probably call, but unless they have short URLs for their site – email will make more sense. The power button will not function when the system is one. A few times, I tried to turn off the system by pressing the power button with no success. The power button works as expected when the system is turned off. My last complaint I came across is the lack of the capability for a cellular connection which I feel all notebooks should have, but this feeling seems to be in a minority.

The back lit on the keyboard seems to only last for 20 seconds before shutting off. There have been a number of times I had to tap a key to get back to work. Needless to say, I use the back lighting to reduce the need for turning on my lamp (therefore reduce electricity usage). Also, the trackpad is off-centered and to the left. This is centered when referring to just the alpha keys, but not when referring to both the alpha keys, and numeric keypad that is part of the keyboard.

This is not the most powerful system out there. It is also not the cheapest. When buying notebooks, I tend to have to go to the mid-range models and make the most of them as long as possible. This is not my perfect machine, but sufficient for what I do. If anyone is considering this system – I will strongly suggest adding an SSD for your personal files so they don’t eat up the 256GB SSF that the OS and programs will reside on. If you are a gamer, the discrete graphics will be helpful, but don’t expect the top of the line. This is not a gaming notebook as the design and thin when comparable to gaming machines. If you want the cheapest, there are $500 notebooks, but expect slow 5400RPM hard drives. This is a good balance of performance, and value.