September 2016

This month could have been better. The medicine still isn’t working as well as I would like it too. Will be seeing that doctor in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, that doctor doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in communicating with my pain psychologist. In addition, the case manager I received have been of no value, and don’t even have any confidence that he is doing anything for me.

I also canceled my Facebook account. All of the “friends” I had on there had made no attempts to reach out to me, so it shows how much of value that Facebook really had. The handful of people that I had contact information will likely be cleared out in my bi-annual cleaning of my contacts. Other platforms are a little more useful, but not much.

I got a treadmill for Malak. It has a shorter track than I would like, but it would hopefully be better than nothing when the winter snow comes in. Will be dropping a couple of domains in the coming month. Still having a hard time dealing with my debt. I put everything I can on it, and will have to use some of it to get the bare essentials.

There is a woman locally that asked if Malak could visit her. She says it helps her feel better as he reminds her of her late dog. At least my existence does some good. Malak visits with her a couple of times a week, so that should be of some help.

My Pebble watch has been misbehaving. The e-Ink screen hasn’t been refreshing properly. Since I use my watch as a watch first and foremost, the refreshing of the screen is important. While I did not want to as it will put me in debt a little more, I ordered a more basic watch watch that has a small OLED display that will show CID information which is important for that couple of times a month I get a phone call. Will be getting the watch in a few weeks because that is “standard shipping” these days.

Been going to the community center I was referred with a couple of months ago about once a week. Considering I have to take two buses each way, that is all I can afford to go. Little else going on. Waiting on a new leash for Malak which will be used with the treadmill. Ideally, the winter will be mild enough to not have to use it often, but that is not likely to happen.

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