September 2018

A little bit happened this month. I had a couple of doctor appointments, and a couple of times – had to run errands. Most days, I got to walk Malak, and managed to pay bills a couple of days early because of when the first fell. This month was also spent in managing my music through iTunes.

First, as for the walks with Malak. I had to adjust where I walk him due to increasing pain with long walks. I won’t go into detail of the streets as I like my privacy. Once, I acme across a former friend of my brother’s. We caught up on what was going on for about 30 minutes. I explained that he didn’t see me much because of where he lives being too far for me to walk Malak. Speaking of my brother, he called me for a few minutes and wanted to know some details about security cameras. I don’t know much of them, but I gave him the best answer I can.

There were a couple of times I had to go to the grocery store. I am cutting back on my food spending to hopefully have extra funds. The coffee and creamer I have now will be it. I am moving from hot dogs on a daily basis to Ramen Noodles. This will take some getting used to, but I figured I can cut my food bill in half. This will help me in other areas.

I also had to get cleats on my shoes. The ones I had were wearing away, and I needed to go on a day where there wasn’t any rain. I also got my music managed again with iTunes. I don’t like iTunes, but for my usage, and requisites, it is the best solution. I guess it is one of those things you have to hate to love. My iPod is working well enough for the usage. I typically use it when walking Malak, or if I have a long trip to take.

I also had a couple of doctor’s appointments. One was with a psychiatric nurse (for medications), and the other was with my pain psychologist. Both appointments went as expected. Not much else went on otherwise.

As for plans for October, I will have a couple of appointments, one being with my eye doctor. I am hoping to continue walking Malak especially now when the snow will be coming in a couple of months. I will likely keep to the food budget that I imposed on myself. In an ideal world, I would be able to afford a new TV, and antenna since watching the news online has been hit or miss.

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