Sex Sells? Guess Again

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An auction was halted by creditors of This was because creditors has a $10.1Million claim on the company that owned the domain, and the best it sold for was $6Million even though there is an estimated value of $14 – $18Million. The reason for this is companies simply aren’t paying for premium domains the way they used too. So, I guess there was a pull out before a bunch of little domains came out?

What I don’t get, and I am not sure why anyone hasn’t done this already, but hasn’t the owners of considered maybe becoming the domain registry authority for a unique new TLD? Considering that ICANN would allow anyone with $500,000 to create their own domain extension provided they can manage it – should now make sense. Follow me for a moment.

The owner of pays ICANN $500,000 for the .sex domain TLD. They put a condition on the domain registrations that it is for adult based web sites. And in addition, they can charge $50/year. People who go to would find the only registrar for the .sex domain names. Now, this could be a big boon, especially in the porn industry which is why we all are on the Internet, right? So, now, we can get,,, and all kinds of other nifty things. Interested in farm sex? By all means, your preference is your business, but now, you can go to, and your 6 year old child won’t have to worry about going to a porn site. This would make a dramatic change in the industry as well. ICANN refused .xxx before they offered selling off tlds, and the adult entertainment industry as well as smart people went in an uproar. But with the .sex domain, and with the popularity of such a broad extension of uses, the domain names can sell like a hot apple pie (no pun intended), and can even pay off the $10.1Million debt that held back the $6Million would have been sale.

And speaking of farm animals, what the H**L did PETA wanted for? They were taking donations, or even asking the owner to donate the domain name (tax deductable of course) to PETA. Call me silly, but ethical treatment of animals, and sex don’t seem to go together all too well. Would they suggest what? I mean, I heard of their promotional material claiming that vegetarians have a better sexual drive, but do you really need for that? Ever considered the free option of a sub domain – such as

In any case, that is my two cents worth, and makes me wonder why people don’t think of the same things I do?

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