Still Around

I am still around, although not as active in regards to anything including the Internet. Right now, I am still trying to keep my ankle propped up, although not as easy now. When I am lying down, it is very hard to use the computer. Mostly because I would not want my notebook to rest on fabric as it can suffocate the PC.

I am currently resting my legs on a office chair I used when I wasn’t in the chair, and of course sitting in the wheelchair. My notebook is now sitting on my lap. This only helps a little bit, but there is still some swelling going on.

It would take longer for me to do much of anything. It would also be painful to do more. Hopefully, I can get most things done on days where I would get help.  Monday would be my busiest day as I would have to go to the library, post office, and a couple of places in the business district. Andie should be coming on Monday which would allow some relief. I would still have to go out, and still have to deal with the pain, but I am hoping that it would be less time that would be required for me to be out.

Simply put, it would take me longer to go on my own even without the extreme pain than it would be if someone is with me. In turn, I take on a portion of the cell phone bill that Andie has. Her cell phone is on my account, and instead of her paying the amount she would normally have to pay, she pays less than half, and helps me once a week.

So, I would still reply to email, and I would eventually be online for short time to chat. I just won’t be on as much for the next couple of weeks.

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