T-Mobile G2X–First Impression

About 3 hours ago, I have took the plunge, and replace my T-Mobile MyTouch (rev 1) with the G2X (LG Optimus 2X). This phone will come at a price of $60 walking out the store, and about $25/month for the next 19 months. However, I needed something that would work the way I feel it should. This was the best option. And while I am sure I will notice more things in the near future, This will be a first impression. There are good and bad things. There are also a couple of things I would have liked, but knew it didn’t have it.

First, the G2X is an Android 2.2.2 phone with a 1Ghz2 CPU. It has a good bit of memory, and good size storage, although the numbers seems to be a bit different from my impression. Further research will have to go into more detail. The phone has a 4” screen, a 1.3MP front-side camera, and an 8MP camera with flash, and 720p recording. The top of the phone sports a 3.5mm headphone jack, mini HDMI port, and power. The volume are at the top right, while the charging port is at the bottom. There are 4 capacitive buttons which lights up with the phone, although I am not sure how the phone behaves when someone calls.

The Good

So, far – it is a great performing phone. I was able to download all of the applications needed on the phone, and a few others within less than an hour. The phone uses HSPA+ (marketed as 4G), and will require a new SIM card. This would only be a problem if a person stores their contacts on the SIM. Smart phone users, this is not likely to be the case. The phone has a good data connection, and I am confident that I will be able to make use of this a bit more. The screen is also large, and the screen is almost as large as my old phone. While this may sound like over-kill, most will appreciate the larger screen when visiting web pages, and and typing.

The phone has so far been able to perform without skipping a beat, and with the integrated accounts services in 2.2, this makes it more of a value. The phone also seems to have a better speaker than the old phone, and with the better performance, might even actually serve as an MP3 player when I am not home and therefore means only 1 device to carry rather than 2. The phone’s boot is much better as well, booting into ready to use within a minute. It has also played the intro video to Nova (a FPS game) without skipping a beat, but hadn’t delve into that yet.

The Bad

There were a couple of nasty surprises. As it became recent knowledge, the G2X will not support AT&T’s HSPA+ bands which will mean this phone maybe not as functional in the future unless the FCC or DOJ grows some balls. And for the cost of the phone, it would have been nice to have a case, or at least a body glove. Does LG really have to be that cheap? T-Mobile App Pack, T-Mobile Mall, TeleNav came included which in my opinion is crapware, and should have been available for install without installing it as part of the phone. I hadn’t made a decision on T-Mobile TV yet, nor any of the other apps that comes without being a part of the OS.

And speaking of OS, the fact that it has 2.2 is a disappointment. As powerful as this phone is, they should have 2.3 in the device, or at least some real promise that it would have. The words coming soon is not a promise as it took 6 months of “coming soon” for the My Touch to get updates from 1.6. T-Mobile needs to make some real promises for updates for the next few versions. This is one of their most advanced phones as of today (2011-04-30), and it is a disappointment there is no 2.3 on the phone. Hopefully, this will be available in a month or two.

No head phones. This is being promoted as a multi-media power house, so why should you make your customers spend $50 on a good pair of headphones worthy of the phone. And from when I walked into the store, the only thing they had available was Skull Candy, I will keep my teeny bopper persona repressed deep inside – thank you. In a matter of fact, this is the first smart phone I heard of without head phones. This is rather upsetting, and thankfully I have good head phones, so it is not as bad.

Nice to Have

It would have been nice to have a landscape physical keyboard. I know, it isn’t there, and such is a dying breed, but it would have still been nice. It would have been nice if all of the 3G bands were supported. Neither AT&T, nor T-Mobile has real 4G, so I wouldn’t expect that. However, again – a $500 with the threat of the big blue overlord conquering, it does being to some concern. It would have also been nice to have noise canceling within the phone, and the micro-USB port on the side for better docking options. Also, the Chocolate Brown backing would have been better if it was black.


I am looking forward to using this for more than just a phone. I will also hope to be able to use some of the more advanced communication features like the front side camera, however – I am the only one I know with such a feature. Yes, it is lonely to be at the top. I will want to get a docking station with a spare charger, a spare battery, a body glove (at least), and a 32GB card. This will all take some time to get though.

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