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Big Hopes

OK, those whom had read my blog this week would see my desire in the Blackberry 8900. Well, it pretty much comes down to a few things. It would be money that is owed, and money that would be lent to me. Also, a little bit of my money would also come out of this, but if everything works right, I would have the BlackBerry 8900 with a brand new number. So what would this mean?

As in a previous post, the 8900 would cost about $325 including tax, and before rebate. If I am going to get it within a month, I would have to be able to borrow $150. I asked an associate of mine if he would lend it, and he said he would think about it. If not, I would have to save up for it. If so, it would mean I would have to come up with $175. I done some work for someone, and he would owe me $80. This money should come in the third week of the month. I also lent some money to someone and would use $45 to apply to the phone. My brother still owes me for his phone bill which would be use for the phone since I already paid it. That should mean that I would have all of the initial cost. If something minor doesn’t work out, I should have about $50 in a credit card which should help offset a small problem.

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