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I just hate to make sacrifices

OK, after a bit of research, it would seem as if the 95xx from RIM would go again exclusively to Verizon. Maybe, a 9520 would go to AT&T, but for some reason – no RIM Touch screen phone for T-Mobile. This a bit of a shame as I was hoping for such.

Now, I am forced to have to be prepared to make a decision on my future that would not have everything I need and want. With the possibility of a $50 everything plan coming to T-Mobile, UMA will not be as important since most areas I go to has cellular coverage. However, UMA is still valuable. So, I would have to decide which of the two phone I would want.

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Once You Go Blackberry, You May Never Go Back

People who use a RIM Blackberry Device on a very regular basis are sometimes called CrackBerries. For some reason, one finds the Blackberry device so easy, and so powerful, that they would find it hard to live without one. Let’s face it, email, push notifications, and one of the best access to applications, it makes sense that such a phone has an appeal.

One may even say that the Blackberry may have been responsible for the demise of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). They are able to do everything your old PDA could do, and make phone calls as well. In a matter of fact, you could use the PDA’s Contact Directory to make calls from.

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Cheesy back plate, but better announcement date

RIM 9700 expected look

I like RIM devices because they are stable, and there is company experience. It has been around since 1984, and even being a phone developer specializing in such as small market for 25+ years shows they must be doing something right. However, as of now, the only reason this phone is so much ahead of all other choices I would have is UMA. As for the real details on specs, I can only presume things like CPU, and storage would be similar to 9630. There is still no information on pages related to the 9700, but according to Engadget, this would change October 21.

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