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Long Time, No Post

Yes, I know it has been a long time since I posted any information. It has been a trying week to say the least. So, what has kept me from posting? Maybe it was some really wonderful and special woman that has consumed my time with bliss – yeah I wished. No, instead, it was the problems of the computer I have. I had two computers. One was an Acer Notebook which was the primary PC, and the other is a Dell notebook with a bad LCD. The Acer is no good shutting down every 5 or 10 minutes with or without a battery plugged in. I can only assume that it is over heating, and to replace the heat sink would simply not be worth it. I am keeping the Acer around until I can figure a way to get the files off of the hard drive, and salvage the remaining parts worth taking.

As for the Dell, there is a 14” CRT monitor attached to it. This monitor is more than 10 years old, and literally an eye sore. I may only be able to get an hour or two at a time before the lower quality light starts to pain the eyes.

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Acer Aspire 5100

I currently own an Acer Aspire 5100-3010 with an AMD Turion 2.0Ghz CPU. It first came with 1GB of memory, but upgraded to 4GB of memory. It has a 160GB hard drive, but 10GB is partitioned from user’s resources – most likely for re-installation. It of course has a webcam, DVD Writer, VGA, and all of the ports including the useless v.92 modem port. It also an SD card slot, and a PC card slot. To top it off, it comes with a variety of tools or the webcam, and to make a personal feel for the Acer. It also has Windows Premium Edition. With a 15.4″ Widescreen monitor, it is a great road worker PC, and a good compliment for any home user except for the hard core gamers.

It does have a good 2.5hour battery life, although you might be able to squeeze 3 if you do a couple of things. I do like the fact it has a good set of specs that is even respectable to would be desktop users. There are a few gripes I have. One, the speakers could be better. I found myself buying a set of desktop speakers only to plug in the front of the front of the notebook. In the case of the speakers, it is pretty much like the little engine that couldn’t. The webcam was odd. It can take pictures, but don’t dare to place pictures it hasn’t taken in the “My Pictures” folder. If you do, forget your webcam working. When I talked to technical support, they said just move all of the pictures in a separate folder. Continue reading Acer Aspire 5100