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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and tried to relieve some pain I had. I also chatted with a couple of people. Andrea called me late to ask me a question regarding her data, which I already told her, but no one listens. Both my brother and his girlfriend went through their data packages in a few days, and thankfully T-Mobile doesn’t charge for overages. Instead, their speed will be capped at 2G speeds for the rest of the billing month (ends on the 20th).

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. Being tomorrow is a Sunday, and Monday is a holiday – I will be home for the next two days. I will of course try to find something to do.


A bit happened today. I had to go to pick up the money Andie owed for her phone, then I had to go to post office. After that, I had to make a phone call. I also had to pay my bills since the first fell on a Sunday.

The first thing that I wanted to address was my bills. This included the rent, phone, Internet, and electric bill. All of these bills alone consumes most of my income. The rest of my bills are automatically withdrawn which includes my hosting, and a loan that will be paid off later this year. The rest of the expenses will have to wait which will include dog food, and flea medicine. The dog food will have to be purchased in the first week of the month, while I will have to wait until after Malak’s checkup for the flea medicine.

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Today, was a quiet day. Malak was a bit more playful which Talisa liked. I did put Malak on the treadmill, but not for as long as I would normally have him on. The walk outside was also shorter.

Xavier never came, and when I got a hold of Andie, she said he was coming today which puts a slight damper in my plans as I was expecting on getting a couple of things that was needed. This will probably have to wait until Saturday.

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A bit happened today. I had a doctor’s appointment at 1:15 which meant I had to leave my apartment at 12:00. I also had other things to do, one getting food for the dogs. They ate their last meal this morning which meant – no matter what, they needed more food. I hadn’t been to the post office in almost a month neither.

So, I left my home at noon – shortly after exercising the dogs, walking them, and feeding them. I took the bus, and got into Downtown about 12:20. I went to the post office to pick up my mail. Most of it was junk mail, and the remainder was bills (one of which was paid already). I then walked to the P1 stop on Grant Street to get to my appointment on time.

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A bit happened today. I had to go to see Andie to pick up the cell phone money she would owe. I also made sure she had no questions on the changes I placed on. Chris also promised some of the money he owes in a couple of days which I am hoping so.

I also watched some TV, and figured how to best create a new ID tag that will also save money. I decided to allow malak.tel and talisa.tel to expire, and instead will give one domain for them both with separate sub domains for each of them. This will save me about $15 per year.

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Not much happened today. It would seem as if Talisa decided to misbehave in the evening, but there was a few corrections. I also did a little work on a couple of sites, and sent an SMS message to Andie because it is against her religion to answer the phone. I also watched a couple of television shows, and took an evening bath.

As for plans for tomorrow, After I walk the dogs, I will have to feed them, and go to see Andie. I will also have to consider whether I should try to get my soles replaced the next day later in the week. I won’t be able to do it tomorrow since it will be too late.


A bit has happened today. First, I had to go to see Andie about getting the phone money. That process took longer than I would have liked. After that, I went to the grocery store, and bought a few things that I will need to hold over until I go grocery shopping for the month. I also bought what would hopefully be a month’s worth of dog food (about 70lbs).

Talisa was acting up when I let her out to go outside to the point where I considered putting her on a leash. Malak was a little better behaved, but he is typically calmer. They did get their normal exercise, and eventually turned down for the night – although a little resistant about it.

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Not much happened today. I went to get a prescription, and I also tried to get a package of razors, but that didn’t happen. The pharmacy will order them, and I will be able to pick them up tomorrow afternoon. Chris came by for a couple of hours, and Andie asked a favor of me. I am also still having a hard time walking the dogs on the treadmill. They seem to only want to use their front paws which defeats the purpose of using the treadmill. Talisa seems to do a little better than Malak.

As for most other things, I will am now playing a waiting game. FedEX claims that my cage will come on the 5th, but as of yet – they have to receive it from the shipper. So, I am sure that I will have to wait longer than the 5th. I will also need to wait for Andie, and someone else to give the money they owe so I can deposit it in the bank, and pay bills. In best case scenario, I should be about $50 above 0 with the basics paid.

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Not much happened today. I spent a little bit of time trying to get some work on the site done. I also watched a few recordings. I was in a bit of pain, and the soles are diminished, so I couldn’t take the dogs out. However, I am working twice as hard to get them to utilize the treadmill. It is a little tricky as I never taught a dog to use a treadmill before. In my opinion, Talisa needs it the most as she is still overly excited and full of energy even with two daily hourly walks.

As for my hunt on cages, I am seeking the best price. After looking on Craigslist, and not finding anything useful, and got an email for one offering a large cage for $50 without a bottom plate, and I will pick up, it seems discouraging there is one from Amazon for $1.22 (including S&H) with a bottom plate, and new. Since it will be shipped to me, I will obviously not have to go to pick it up. It would come to my home instead of the PO Box. I will write to the person that wrote me and give him my final answer.

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