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Week 45 – 2014

Not much happened this week. I went to the grocery store to get a couple of groceries before I do real shopping. I also got most of the money that Andrea owed, and she said I will get the rest next week. Maybe I should disable data for everyone, and they will get it next week. Otherwise, I have been working on a couple of projects, but otherwise – not much happened this week. As for plans for next week, I will have to get groceries addressed. and I will expect my dog’s food to come in the coming week.

Week 22 – 2014

This week was a little busy. I got half of the money from Andrea for her phone bill. I also got money that someone else owed me. My brother is still having problems. In addition, I had to pay for an insurance deductible. In addition, the neighbor’s tree got struck by lightning and fell into the back yard. The tree got cut down on Friday. Friday was also spent in paying my bills, and I got my niece a domain name for her birthday. Obviously, I am also hosting it for her.

My source of income came in, and obviously the first thing I did was set everything in motion to pay my bills. My rent got mailed out, and my credit cards got their payment. I made sure I set aside some money in my bank to address my electric bill. I also walked the dogs to my brother’s place on Saturday, and while Nippers is usually behaved, she decided to start a fight with Malak a couple of times. No serious injuries, Nippers had a couple of scratches, but all is well. Each occurrence only lasted a few seconds until I was able to pull the instigator off, and correct her. The most serious event was a long skin deep scratch on my leg which is fine. After the episodes, everything was fine.

As for plans for next week, not much is planned. I am expecting the registration of 2 domains to come through, and I will have to send back the phone my brother broke which is a part of Assurance’s agreement. The landlord has to make a minor repair which I think is from the fallen tree, but otherwise – little else is planned.

Week 15 – 2014

Sunday was much like most Sundays. I walked the dogs, but that was the most eventful part of the day. Chris said he was going to stop by, but never did. I’m assuming his employer decided to not pay his check yet. That is a whole another story which I would never get into with this blog. And while it will be financially hard, I purchased a bag of dog food that is at about $1.00/lb as opposed to 64¢/lb. This will be a financial challenge as this will mean $80 per month, but I will hopefully make due. The dogs should have something better quality then what they been eating. Since I never went to the store (no bus service), I ordered through Amazon, and it is being sent through them which I should receive it on Wednesday. At this time, I will use the last bag and shift the new dog food by gradually mixing it with the old.

I was hoping to walk the dogs to Andrea’s house, but there was a good chance of rain which means I would have likely got stuck in it, especially returning home. Instead, their walk took them down Rialto Street, across the 31st bridge, along Penn Avenue, across the 16th street bridge, and up Troy Hill Road. When they got home, I gave them half of the meal they normally get in opting to split their meal across two periods. This is because Malak doesn’t seem to do as well with eating all one meal. When they go to their annual checkup, I will bring it up with the vet. I also made a couple of phone calls, but otherwise – not much happened today especially with the rain coming in on the afternoon. The day finished off rather ordinary. I watched a couple of videos, and podcasts, but not much beyond that. I will blame the walk for that.

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Week 9 – 2014

This is my first weekly update which replaces the daily update. This week could have been better. I received my T-Mobile bill, and noticed there was a discrepancy in my data for my Nexus 7. After talking with a half of dozen people (literally), and went through a range of email communications, I have the problem partially solved. It would seem that 30 days after I activated the tablet, my data is terminated even though I am supposed to get 200MB for the life of the tablet. A support ticket was sent to the engineer, but this could be as late as the first Monday of March for someone to address it. In the meantime, I am stuck having to get a 500MB data added to my bill, and the representative couldn’t even do that correctly. Email support fixed that, and promises to refund the charges for the 500MB while I fight to get my 200MB for that I am entitled too.

It got extremely cold this week again, but I managed to walk the dogs a few time. However, there were also a couple of days where it was dangerously cold for them to be going for a walk. Of course, they got to play indoors which is nice and warm. Talisa especially loves to sleep under the wool blanket at night. The dogs are doing well, although one of them misplaced the Kong toy again so I had to put the other one up until I take the time to look for it.

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Today could have been a better day. UPS came, but the driver couldn’t locate the phone which was out for delivery. I didn’t expect it, but it would have been good to have it nonetheless. The driver however took back the USB hub that I had returned. After the failed UPS delivery, I let the dogs out so I can leave for my dental surgery. I had to get my wisdom tooth extracted and since the tooth was impacted, it was an outpatient procedure. The surgery took about an hour, and I had a prescription for anti-biotics which I will start tomorrow.

After the procedure, I went to my Andrea’s to collect the last month’s phone payment, and it also had a minor payment towards this billing month. They also told me of a problem which I had helped in resolving. After leaving Andrea’s, I walked to the local Rite-Aid in Bloomfield to get my prescription filled, and get a couple of cans of soup since I should be on a lite food diet for a few days (so the extraction can heal). I then had to wait about 20 minutes for a 54C, and another 20 minutes for the 4. I left home about noon, and got home about 5:30PM. Obviously with the pain, I wasn’t in the mood for much of anything.

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A bit happened today. I got a deposit from Andrea whom paid most of the money she owed, but said she will pay the rest on Friday. However, this deposit allowed me to go to the main street, make a purchase, and pull out $20 from my Wallet which all of the money received transferred to Google Wallet.

Otherwise, not much else happened. The return on the Lenovo Tablet was received in Lexington Kentucky which was the destination city. This will mean it will be returned to Amazon tomorrow. Amazon already processed my credit on my Amazon credit, while the amount charged to my credit card should be refunded by Friday.

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Not much happened today. Andrea finally paid her bill, although she gave me a hard time about it, and it feels like she is giving a big FU every time she’s to pay her bill. In the meantime, I also did some work on some documents.

The dogs didn’t get a walk because it was raining most of the time. As for plans for tomorrow, I will hopefully walk the dogs, and will call my brother. Otherwise, just the basics for tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and while walking the dogs, I had a couple of potential SPAM calls (since they didn’t leave a voicemail) which I have set up rules against them. I also made meals for the day, and did some work on a document.

Andrea was supposed to pay her phone bill today, but this didn’t happen. Instead, she will pay it tomorrow. This however is the third time she made a promise to pay her bill – now more than 2 weeks late. She continues this, and there won’t be a phone line for her.

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Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store to get hopefully a month’s worth of food. I am focusing on eggs since I am on a tight budget for this month. Andrea paid a portion of her phone bill which she is giving me a hard time with the bill. Chris is supposed to get money for a part of his bill on Sunday. I also wrote a blog posting, watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and a couple of podcasts.

As for plans for tomorrow. I will be taking the dogs for a walk, but otherwise – no plans for the weekend, nor the day. I will be doing some work on a web site, as I wasn’t able to do much this day since I was on my feet more than I would have liked, and therefore a bit more pain.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, did a little bit of work on a web site, and updated my Google Plus settings. I also caught up on some podcasts. The update with Google Plus will be for when Google rolls out Caller ID services, and therefore will display my name for calls I will make to other Android 4.4 devices.

Andrea, and a couple of the children came by to see the dogs for about 10 minutes. She also provided a small portion of the month she owed, but will not be able to pay the remainder amount until Friday which is becoming a pain in the ass as this will mean she will be late.

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