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May 2015

Not much happened this month. I had an appointment with my anesthesiologist, and since finding a doctor of his recommendations on my own has been unsuccessful, I had ask for his referral. In turn, he is referring me to the the previous office that I had dealt with that I wasn’t in approval of that anesthesiologist. Thankfully, this will not be the reason I will go. I have an appointment in the first week of June, but personally not sure what talking about my pain will do – but I trust my doctor (or I wouldn’t be with him), so I am going to give this a neutral attempt.

Nothing else happened. I bought Xavier (my youngest nephew) a tablet, which was a 2 for 1 special. I kept the second one which in my opinion has been less than suitable. I will be writing a review on it later in June. Otherwise, not much else happened in May.

I Should Have My Own Medical Arts Building

For about a year, my Anesthesiologist (doctor specializing in pain management), and/or his colleagues have been recommending seeing another doctor in a separate specialty in addition to seeing him. I currently see my anesthesiologist every three months to make sure everything is well, and to receive prescriptions for a narcotic pain killer. However, since the last visit – I have been considering the suggestion. Personally, I am not sure what the secondary specialist will be able to do, and I have been procrastinating as I have too many doctors now. Not only do I have the anesthesiologist, but I also have a dentist due to bad teeth, an ear specialist due to my left ear drum being collapsed, and of course a primary care physician. In addition, if my ankles should ever take a turn for the worse, I may have to see an orthopedic surgeon, and another specialty (although not a physician) is a pedorthist (specializes in medical molded shoes). With all of this in mind, one could possibly understand why the procrastination.

So, tomorrow afternoon, I will be seeing my PCP, and ask for a recommendation with the specialty the anesthesiologist recommended. If she can’t provide one, then I will contact the nurse’s line for my anesthesiologist and should get something there. One of the other reasons I am considering this is due to the times that the pain gets worse, it has been more extreme, and lasts longer. Other options will involve consuming more Ibuprofen which can have problems in its own right, or seek different medicine. If the anesthesiologist suggested the option he has been recommending, I should look into that before I go and ask for something stronger. If I receive a diagnosis (in addition to the too damn many I have now) regarding my pain, then I will indulge more.

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