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Week 11 – 2014

This week was a bit eventful. Even though Capital One denied me receiving the Quicksilver card (the one with cash back), and received a notice of the denial, I received another application request, and got the card I applied for. So, go figure. This week has been relatively busy otherwise. On Monday, I had to go to my anesthesiologist for a regular check up, and prescription. While on the bus to that appointment, I made an appointment for the dentist for the next day for some mold castings. In addition, on Monday, I bought a new pair of jeans, a package of socks, and razors (cheap ones) that will be used if the set I ordered does not come in time.

On Tuesday, it was just as busy. First, I went to register with the CAP Program. This will help make my electric bill a little more affordable. The representative suggested that I don’t pay next month’s bill which will be a shocker to me. However, I will follow their advise – at least for one month. That money will however go to my credit card. I also had to call a specialized pharmacy to verify some information for a special medicine I will receive for my pain. This will be in conjunction with my regular pain medicine. I then returned home, walked the dogs, and took a little nap. I woke up to go to the dentist which I forgot my shopping cart. I therefore will have to go another day. The dental appointment was better than most of the appointments as there was no real discomfort as they had to file a couple of the teeth down for the mold castings.

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Not much happened today. I reminded Chris of his phone bill. Last time, he told me he didn’t realize it was that late, and I want to make sure he won’t be able to use that same excuse again. I also had to go to see my anesthesiologist which is something that I need to do every 3 months. I am OK with that though.

I also picked up a bag of dog food, a bowl for their water at night time, a new collar for one of them. I don’t want to spend too much money as I will have the veterinarian appointment for them on Friday. I also added a new domain to my collective of domains, and I think this one will strike some emotions for those that live in the United States – although that will be the point behind it.

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Look Back on 2011

So, the new year is here and upon us. At least for me, 2011 was pretty crappy with a few good things that has happened. In 2011, I had to move since the apartment I lived in for 10 years wouldn’t be accepting Section-8. And due to the limitations I had, finding a place was very hard to say the least. Miscommunications, and other events had jeopardized my living at first, but found an apartment. And when I said an apartment, I meant it. I literally found one choice in the nearly 6 months I hunted.

My mother got a hold of me, and pretty much wanted Chris’ phone number. After that, she had no interest in bothering with me as usual. The same seemed to apply with my half sisters, and after rumors spread amongst them, I completely severed ties with all of them. Simply put, I have no need to waste my time with such.

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