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Week 17 – 2014

This week was a somewhat eventful one. I had to go to the ear doctor which they put a hole in the ear drum to drain the fluids. They also gave me ear drops which is to help with the fluid. It seems to be working properly, although there is still a few days left with that. I took the dogs for a long walk to Downtown, but was in a bit of pain when I got back. In this regard I over did it I am sure. I also received some money owed which went to Amazon. This is because I need to build up as much as possible to address the Prime Membership fees that will be due next month.

The dentures aren’t doing as well as I would like. I will make an appointment next week to address that. On some other news, I got a new domain name which is fsp.house, however I didn’t get fsp.link. The first one joined my Big Ass What If Network of sites, while the second unsuccessful one was intended to replace fsp.cc as a redirect system. I have sought for two other domains in pre-registration – which both will join the Big Ass What If Network of sites as well. The first pre-registered was fsp.rentals (be released on May 29), while the second is fsp.country (be released on July 1).

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Not much happened today. I took the dogs out for a late morning walk, and one in the afternoon, however was in too much pain to take them in the evening. I guess it is just one of those days.

I also helped a friend set up an email account, as well as will soon be a web site. I will have to finish everything else tomorrow morning. I found the iPod nano, and updated that so it can continue to be used as a night player. The iPod Touch was updated later. The old PC is still serving with that regards, but I am hoping to move everything over to the new PC as it has taken almost 1/3 of the day to get the Nano with 830 songs added. The system was running hot which most of the time – the PC was upside down so the hot air could blow upwards.

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Not much happened. First, my T-Mobile bill has been recognized as paid. My ankles were hurting, but I did give the dogs a short walk at least until Talisa was pulling too much. I also came across a problem where iTunes was not synching to the iPod Touch properly, and the software for what ever reason it has unrated 1000 of my songs which is only pissing me off.

Otherwise, not much has happened. I watched a couple of podcasts, and some Hulu shows. I also wrote a blog posting, and wrote some email. Not much is planned for tomorrow, nor for the weekend. I do have plans for Monday after I pay my bills, I will have a couple of errands.


Not much happened today. I had a late start, but this was because of the pain in the ankles. It was one of those days where I couldn’t stand without crying. After 3,000mg of Ibuprofen on top of my regular medicine, the pain was tolerable enough to walk the dogs in the mid afternoon.

I made a phone call this morning to give someone a reminder. He came by and dropped off some money he owed which I guess is good (as can be) that I didn’t go to the grocery store. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and wrote a couple of blog postings as well.

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Not much happened today. I spent most of the time home, although I did walk the dogs twice. However, in the late afternoon, one of my ankles gave way and forced me to fall. Thankfully, I was home when that happened.

I also had some letters to drop off which I did that in the morning. I also brushed the dogs, and done the general check up on them. Otherwise, I spent most of the day watching Hulu, and Netflix.

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Not much happened today. I didn’t make the deposit – instead I used some of the money to purchase a couple of things, but forgot something. Most of the day has been spent trying to relieve the pain I been having in the ankles.

Not much planned for tomorrow. I will most likely stay home and will have to wait on a prescription delivery. I will hopefully be able to do some work on my web site that I want to complete. Otherwise, things will be relatively quiet.


Not much happened today. I stayed home, and caught up on some shows from Hulu. I also verified that the bank took care of all of the bills which has been processed as paid. Once all of the automatic payments are drawn out of the account, I will have about $60 remaining. I am expecting Chris to pay something he owes hopefully in the next couple of days. In addition, I will be expecting $60 from someone I do a little work for. This is enough to cover the expenses of what I need to do, but extra money last month was given which went to the shoes.

All together, I am hoping to have enough to cover the vet bill I will have to address with Malak and the injury he had last week. His paw seems fine, and he is as playful as usual, but wanted to make sure there will be no infection. I been using hydrogen peroxide at the wound which has been helping I am sure. The rest of the money this month will be going for the dog food. I will need to get two 35lb bags, and a 20lb bag which will cover them for a little more than a month. This will be for another day.

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Well, not much went on today. I stayed home most of the day, and browsed the web. I also tried to rest the ankles as it seem to have been aggravating me. I also watched a couple of podcasts that were downloaded to my PC, and a couple of movies from Netflix. Chris stopped by for a couple of hours, and left late. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will be home considering that there aren’t buses even if I wanted to go somewhere. I will do a little work on my web sites, but will otherwise not plan on anything for the most part.

October 13

Today was pretty much a day of resting to try to calm the pain with the ankles. There was an exception where I had to go to the post office, but otherwise I was home. I also had  to make a couple of phone calls. I spent some time online, although – no one on. It’s OK though.

I did watch a couple of shows on Hulu, and watched all of the podcasts. Otherwise, things were pretty quiet. In the late evening, I got myself ready to go to an appointment for tomorrow. Since there were a few things at the store I didn’t get, I will be making an effort to get those things.

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