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Today was my birthday, and not much happened. I made a deposit in the bank, but otherwise – not much else happened. Chris asked me to come over which he ordered a pizza, but that was the most exciting part. I did walked the dogs, and while they were a bit misbehaved on the walk, I was proud of them for behaving when I gave them free roam of the apartment for a little more than 30 minutes. Not sure if I could do that for a few hours, but I will like to see if that could be possible one day.

On some other events, I have been invested in a game called Injustice: Gods Among Us which is a pretty intense fighting game. I am sure for those that are big gamers – this isn’t much, but I still enjoy it nonetheless. I wouldn’t have played it if it wasn’t for me having the Nexus 7. The game will demand too much for my phone and will drain the battery quicker. Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have an inspection with Section-8, but nothing else otherwise. If it is warm enough tomorrow, I will like to walk the dogs – but otherwise – it is going to be a quiet day.


Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, but there was also a bit of snow fall, and some ice as well. In addition, the landlord came to clean up the apartment above my own. Otherwise, not much happened today.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans – especially with it being a Sunday. The next time I will have to do something will be on Tuesday.

No More PO Box

Earlier this month, my PO Box expired, and this was by choice. There were a number of reasons of why, but this will now take some adjusting. This is the first time in 20 years that I had been without a PO Box. The reason of why was for privacy.

However, I have come across the realization that I almost never send nor receive mail beyond bills. Needless to say, my Internet Service Provider for example knows my address. The same applies to the electric company. So, instead of paying $38 per 6 months, and have to spend a morning anytime I will want to check my mail that may or may not have anything in it, I have decided to simply cancel the box.

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Today was not as busy of a day as I expected. The apartment is cleaned, and was ready for inspection. I started with the dogs at about 7AM this morning. I finished the treadmill walk at about 10AM, and walked them for about 20 minutes outside considering it was drizzling.

The inspector came a couple of hours early. However, I was ready needless to say. So the two didn’t jump on him, I asked him to wait a moment in the hallway while they went into the cages. The inspector asked a few questions, and inspected the apartment. He went to the basement even though I normally don’t ever use it. He seen a small problem which I notified the landlord.

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Today was a busy day for the most part, but also spent some time trying to recover the past couple of days. I managed to chat with a friend from the Philippines, however it would seem as if many of the other online friends I have had been busy which is fine. I spent the morning chatting, and spent the remainder of it setting up my corner desk. The corner desk is the center for my notebook, especially during the day since the front room has a large window, and therefore a lot of light. The corner desk now has a postal scale, the older iPod dock with the degrading iPod Nano, my label printer, and space for the notebook.

And of course from the previous two nights, it would seem as if the center room is not really big enough to be a bedroom, and offer enough room for the possibility of a wheelchair. So, my plans will have to change, and I will be focusing on the attempt to get a sleeper sofa. For those that don’t know, this will function as a couch during the day, and fold out into a bed at night. This will be a bit harder when I have to go into surgery, but it would be the best solution. The center room which would have been the bedroom will function as a home office. This will eventually mean the printer will come into this room as well as a longer desk, and the corner desk. If I should get a landline Internet service, this will be installed in the center room as well.

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Life in the New Apartment

A couple of days ago, I moved into a new apartment. This apartment is a bit of a change from the previous apartment. The unit itself is actually an old house converted into two units. I of course with the strong consideration I will be in a wheelchair would be on the first floor. The neighborhood – while good wouldn’t have been my first choice. I have usually lived in the central – East side of the city, and now live on the Northern side where there are fewer buses. As for why I had to move, it was because the company that owned the building wouldn’t have been accepting Section-8, and I wouldn’t have made another lease year before they would have stopped accepting.

Finding the place was a tedious trial to say the least. It took 6 months to find this one, and most other places either wouldn’t have accepted Section-8, on a higher floor, or on a property with too many steps. A few other places were in neighborhoods with a higher crime rate or no realistic access to buses. So out of 6 months of looking, this was really the only available place. And while I am sure I could have continued to look, it was more of an exhausting process as all of the realistic conventions of hunting within my limits was thin. So, while this place isn’t my first real choice, it is acceptable.

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The Wrong Way of the Landlord

Monday January 31 came and went, and I have not moved into an apartment I spent the last 5 weeks trying to get. The problems seemed to lie with the landlord which will seem to be more of a problem than good. One may wonder what makes me think that. So, I guess I should start with the basics that started on 23rd of December, and seem to be going on as we speak.

First, I looked at the apartment on the 23rd of December. While it was not the best, it was acceptable for the needs and the price that he noted. I looked at the apartment, it has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. There was no real discussion on the rent, however I still had one place to consider which did not worked out. I of course let him know one way or another. This is of course something I did.

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Today could have been better. I waited for the landlord to call, which he hasn’t. If he causes me to not have a place next month (3 days away), I will do everything in my power to bring it to Section-8’s attention. However, it will seem as if I might just be forced into being homeless. However, that will be for another day. I went to Chris and Andie’s earlier, but didn’t stayed much. I eventually caught a 54C back home, and bought some iced tea.

Otherwise, not much went on. I watched some podcasts, and a couple of episodes on Netflix. I am also waiting for Netflix to send my disc which is due tomorrow. I eventually took a bath, and went to rest in my bed while watching a podcast, and writing this blog posting. On some lighter notes, I am completely satisfied with the notebook that I bought earlier this month. If HP keeps up with what they provide for me, I will definitely keep my preference to HP.

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Today was a roller coaster of a day. I made a couple of calls to try to get the money I will need for the security deposit. Thankfully, I finally got it, but will have to pay interest on it and a bit pricey one, but better than not having a place to live. I got the money in the evening, and that would mean that I will have to go to the post office tomorrow morning to get a money for the security deposit. I currently have 2 money orders, but will see if I can merge them into one.

On other news, I have also received the Wimax modem. I have the modem set up against the window so it could get the best connection, and I seem to be getting between 50% – 75% signal strength (based on 1 dot = 25%). The modem is nice looking, and seems to have an RJ-11 port for VOIP/SIP which surprises me that I am having crappy latency. Hopefully, I will solve that issue. Continue reading 2011-01-17


Today could have been a better day. It would seem as if there is nothing but obstacles for me getting a security deposit. An associate asked about the options I had, and while he did mentioned about lending the money, he sounded hesitant. This of course means that if he does, it would of course come at interest. Once I lost confidence in all of the neighborhood charitable organizations locally, I gave him a proposal for a payment plan.

I did try to go one of the local charities, and of course – they were not open, and will not be open until Tuesday. Considering that I probably need the money by Friday, this means almost no real options. And of course, there is still the hope that I could get the only apartment that I could rent, and therefore Internet service has to be considered. For me, Internet is more than just Facebook, and updates on my blog, but almost all of my communications is centered with the Internet, including news, multimedia, email, IM, and even voice. I looked at Verizon FiOS, and their requirement of $75/month for the cheapest (non contract) plan is ridiculous – especially since I will probably get the deposit in the form of a loan, and I will have to pay electric. I will have Wimax which while I am sure will be about the same speed (and slight more) than my current connection, I am not even going to pursue keeping my current provider whom has proven more trouble then good in 2010. Continue reading 2011-01-14