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Lyft: Better than the Taxi

I had used Lyft a few times with a couple of failures. I will go into that later. I used the service when either bus or walking was going to be too much on me physically. Because of my income, I can’t rely on lyft even for a semi-regular service. I had only used Lyft to return home from when I went to my brother’s for one reason or another. The service is a service with the use of an App to request service, rate, and provide other information. There was a time where the app wasn’t working properly on my Nexus 5, but with a recent update, this has been solved (so it seems).

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Not much happened today. I walked the dogs, and allowed them to play in the back yard more than usual. I also installed a forwarding app to work with Google Voice, although it is not completely perfect.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned especially with it being below freezing. I will likely remain home, and do some work on the various sites I have been trying to do.

Yes, Real CID – for a Monthly Fee

I have always wanted such. One thing I missed on a house phone was real caller ID where you see not only the telephone number, but the billing name. It would now seem that with the installation of an application, and a monthly fee – I would have such ability.

I just installed the application this morning, and hadn’t been able to see it at its fullest glory, but I have tested it with a phone and it does work. The app is called Privus Mobile, and it can install on all of the major smart phone OSes. However, there was some complaints on the Android Market saying that it won’t show the number until after you hang up. There is actually a reason for that.

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One App to Rule Them All!

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/61 ) and ( http://fsp.tw/62 )

I came across two pieces of news for RIM devices. Blackberry Messenger is supposed to get a major upgrade to support not only Blackberry and the proprietary RIM PIN, but also all of the major IM clients. For those that have RIM devices and a data plan, you would be able to download this new Messenger, set up all of the clients, and then delete all of the IM apps except for Messenger.

This is especially good news for me since I have an empty Blackberry Messenger contact list, and names in AIM, Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. I also have G-Talk (downloaded on 2009-10-02), but it is empty as well.

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