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PC Manufacturers Live in the Past

I had been looking at options for a new Computer, although I am unlikely to be able to get anything anytime soon, however I have come across a disturbing realization. Every manufacturer still has what I would consider as legacy ports. About the only one that has a complete lineup without legacy ports would be Apple. Let’s face it, Apple PCs are very expensive, and I would have to buy a Windows 7 Pro OS as I don’t see me jumping completely in bed with a company that is so overpriced.

So what is legacy, and what is not legacy? Well, the following ports are ports that have relevance now, and in the next 5 years.

  • Audio (preferably in/out combination)
  • HDMI (preferably in/out combination)
  • RJ45 (1GBPS, but 10GBPS will be nice)
  • Thunderbolt
  • USB (version 3)

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2013 Mac Pro–Not for the Market

WWDC 2013 – Apple released the upcoming Mac Pro with no details on price nor options. The idea was to have a system that will replace the current (now discontinued) Mac Pro which is respective of a full size tower which has seen no real updates in a decade.

Apple’s new design as with most of Apple’s products are aesthetically unique if not pleasing. Those without an open mind will call it a trash can, or ashtray. However, the design behind its shape is an engineering concept to eliminate the otherwise bulky fans and heat sinks.

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Commander Matt’s Pointless Comments

Late last night (my time), I received 5 comments waiting to be approved, and all I can say is this would be Commander Matt either is a 3rd grader (no insult intended to the 3rd graders) or the mentality of an 8 year old who wasn’t raised properly. So, Commander Matt, I will not reward your behavior by allowing your comments on my 2+ year old posts. Instead, I will address the issues and your immaturity here in a blog post that will have comments disabled. If people don’t like what I have to say here, that is their choice. There is no need to comment on this.

I will be taking word for word on Commander Matt’s comments, and to not waste time and space on this posting – there will be a publically available Google Document that will be there for anyone to read. One thing he wanted to be critical about with me is that I am apparently willing to cater to poor quality routers when I noted about the global IP address problem, and how I give away my privacy because I use Google Voice. Meanwhile, he provided a free Outlook.com address. So, here are my arguments to your mostly invalid points.

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The Optical Drive in a Coma–YAY!

Just recently, Apple has finally done something I agree with in some areas, although there are still issues I don’t agree with. Let’s get to the blog post this is intended for. Apple has refreshed their line of PCs including their AiOs, and the 13” Macbook Pro. These changes I have agreed with is the omission of the optical drive. Now, I am not saying I am completely against the optical drive. The optical drive is good for workstations, media centers, and what I feel should be NADs (Network Attached Drive)s. Especially in notebooks, the Optical drive as well as the mechanical drive are both battery drains for little performance. Optical drives – by their very nature requires a center to turn at very high speeds while a laser scans the data. This is a lot of energy. When you consider a CD is only 600 or 700MB, and a DVD is at most 8.4GB, this is laughable in hard drive standards. And then the mechanical hard drive is not much better with very much the same principals with magnets rather than lasers.

Solid State Storage is like your regular memory. The only difference is SSD keeps the information that is placed in it. SSD does not demand more electricity than memory as there are no moving parts. Because of this data is many times faster then even 10000RPM drives, and if the magnet touches the platter, the drive can be destroyed – that will never happen.

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2012 Predictions

So, the end of 2011 is almost here, and 2012 will soon be here. So, what do I think will happen in 2012? This is my predictions for 2012, and some will be ridiculous, but others may make sense. I will also divide my predictions into groups.

Pittsburgh Local

Port Authority to try to stay in the black will do things to upset many people. Bus fare will go up, and service will go down. In addition, the fare system will be streamlined to make it easier. All standard bus routes will be in 1 fare price rather than possibly two. This will increase the base fare to $2.75 (mid point between the two zone prices), and will keep transfers at $1 for a 3 hour period. Services will also drop. Bus routes now not offering Sunday/Holiday service will also loose Saturday service. Express, Rapid Buses, and Subways will have a 75¢ surcharge. In addition, there will be the use of a magnetic card/cash combination. The card will replace bus passes, and will eliminate transfers requiring the rider to use the card if they will want to have transfers. A card will be keyed to a particular person, and therefore provide for half fare transit for disabled which will also require a photo on the card.


Apple will release the iPhone 5. It will have a new shape, but I don’t see the screen going above 4”. Even with the license spectrum that T-Mobile has with AT&T, I don’t see it coming to T-Mobile, unless Apple produces an iPhone supporting all of the HSPA+ bands. Unless Sprint abandons WiMax (therefore pissing off current 4G phone owners), or Light Square comes in as a White Label LTE provider, Apple will not go to 4G. They will still stay with a 64GB max capacity.

Apple will release a Macbook Air 15” model, and drop prices on the other two models. I could see the 11” going to $800. The 11” will still lack a SD card reader – however the 13, and 15 inch models will have one. The Mac Book Pro will be dropped, and the iMacs will get a refresh. I can also see another virus hitting Apple Mac OS lines.

The iPod Shuffle – dropped. The iPod Nano – price reduced, and runs a minimal version of iOS. Don’t expect a robust app store compatibility. iPod Touch will be the flag ship, and the Classic will be changed to support SSD rather than a mechanical hard drive. This will drop prices in SSDs and make it more attractive to the end users. I could see SSD prices hitting $1/GB because of this.

Apple will release a television. This television will have integrated access to the iTunes Store, will have a cable card adapter and support for 4 simultaneous channels. It will have a camera for FaceTime, PiP, and a power button. The power button will be out of sight, and will rely on an iOS device as a remote control. Remote control will take the form of wifi, and LAN access with UID authentication for controlling individual TVs. They will come in 36”, 40” and 50” models, and will cost 75% more than a lower high end TV. It will be pretty, but will not sell.


Google will continue to offer free GTalk calling services, and I could see them considering to going into SIP, however this may not seem to be likely. I will like to hope that they would have done something with the 2 year Gizmo Acquisition and at least offer +883 support. I could also see Google offering better URLs for their Google Plus Service, and with the increasing adoption of Android devices, this service will increase by default. I don’t see many people using the service though. Android 4.0 will be a success, but only for the devices that have it. Manufacturers and carriers will continue to drag their feet on updates, and one my only expect an upgrade to 1 platform even if there can be support. So all phone originally with 2.2 will not get 4.0.

In the end, Google will continue to have dominance, but will start to stagnant. Google will also most likely sell the Motorola acquisition they possessed but of course keep the patents to use to protect Android. As for the Android OS, it will start to off branch into other areas. It will be reasonable to see the OS running cars, homes, and little tiny Androids. Non Approved devices will still not get the Market, or other Google Integrated Services instead – companies will continue to offer their own store with paranoids like me not opting to use them. Instead, people will get the Amazon App Store – therefore will be a serious competitor to Google.


A major company will acquire its own TLD (example IBM acquires .ibm). GoDaddy will suffer in 2012 as many small consumers who knew of their support for SOPA will alienate consumers, and they will change close to the expiration dates. TelNIC will continue to not have a widespread adoption and will only be used by people who want a contact page, or knows the full potential.

There will be another major security issue that happens on the Internet. In addition, a US infrastructure system will be targeted via the Internet. I also see something coming into public light that accuses the United States having committed a cyber attack on an unfriendly country.

Verizon will make a deal with Comcast. They will take Comcast’s wireless spectrum, and offer the network to allow Comcast to offer a “Quad” Play package – adding mobile into their deals. However, Verizon will stagnant on expanding their FiOS markets, and eventually stop taking customers. Instead, they will recommend Comcast. Comcast’s prices will rise. Ala’ Cart Television will still be a consumer’s dream.

Netflix will face a serious competitor either in Amazon, or Apple. They will not offer DVD rentals, but offer streaming services for less than Netflix.


Windows 8 will integrate better with the gaming and mobile platform. The design will cater to those using those systems, and newbies, but will isolate the long time Windows 95+ users who have been familiar with the Start Menu and task bar. Microsoft will unify their OSes, and line ups. One might see Windows Game, Windows Mobile, Windows Home, and Windows Professional with the version starting at 8 for everything. Game will be the XBox platform on a new XBox system.


The rise of prices in mechanical hard drives will stagnant in the second quarter. About this time, I could see prices of SSDs dropping. They will be higher than the price of mechanical hard drives, but at $1 per GB which is what I will assume the price to be eventually will drop the prices to where it will be reasonable for most people. Thin notebooks will start having SSDs as an option. End of the year, I will suspect a low end PC to have a 120GB SSD (PC less than $500).

Tablets will take a center stage, and will try to replace PCs. In some people who are just using it to consume media, this will become an option. For people that create content, the tablet will serve secondary. Smart phones will rise with the major players being Android, and iOS. Windows Phone will stagnant at 15-20%, and RIM will fall to 10%. If they don’t have a game changing lineup of phones, they will declare bankruptcy or seek a buyer.

SIP will start to gain more attraction for people needing or wanting a home phone. One might even see a consumer grade cordless telephone that will connect into both an RJ11 and RJ45 jack. This will hit brick and mortar stores, and will carry an attraction niche such as cheap phone service. One company once keeping their SIP services behind walls (such as Vonage, or NetTalk) will open it up allowing people to not have to buy their router.


Republic Wireless will go out of BETA and will have better integration with Google Voice. This might actually help convince Google Voice to accept +883 adoption. T-Mobile will declare bankruptcy, and Deutsche Telekom will simply just abandon them. Without the sufficient subscriber base, and the bankruptcy news, they will start to bleed customers. This will drive higher prices of current cellular plans. VMNOs such as Cricket, or Virgin Mobile will reap the benefits of T-Mobile’s wounds.

World – America

Canada will loose RIM to a bankruptcy, or company buyout as their market share in the mobile space drops below 10%. The United States will re-elect Barack Obama unless the majority of the population will blame him for another hit in the financial market. If this Ron Paul or Mitt Romney will be elected. Housing and Urban Development which provides financial assistance to low income families will offer a program for long term recipients to provide a similar home/condo to where they will provide for a 10 year assistance payment on a mortgage. This will only apply to recipients of 10+ years with no landlord complaints of non-payments.

No changes in other parts of America with the exception of Mexico. I could see a very public assassination of a government figure by the cartels. I also see a mass murder spilling over on the US side of the border. This will involve the US to go into Mexico on the blessing of the Mexican Government to either use Special Ops forces, or drones to strike cartel gangs.

World – Asia

Having seen that Capitalism has “failed”, the youth will seek to try to bring Communism back to Russia for hopes of jobs, and meeting the basic needs. Russian/US relations will falter, but there will not be a cold war attitude. The nuclear armistice will still allow the US to help Russia get find and dismantle their nuclear arsenal as agreed with.

Having lost their long time great leader, North Korea’s successor will flex its muscles by “test” launching flag ship nuclear ready ICBMs. There will also be rumors that South Korea will be invaded by North Korea. China will have to step in to try to make things better at least in regards to North Korea.

World – Middle East

Iraq since our departure in late 2011 will fall into a Civil War, and there will be concerns of Iraq splitting into two or even 3 separate countries. However, Iraq will remain 1 country. Talks between Palestine and Israel will be in the final stages, but Hamas must not be allowed in power. In addition, a successful cease fire will have to take place with both sides. Country lines will be mostly Israeli based, but some adjustments from there.

Confirmation that Iran has a nuclear weapons program will become apparent. The United States will still have a strong presence in Afghanistan, however there will be considerations of pulling out. Pakistan will tighten permissions to use their border in efforts to get more financial aide.

Mobile Me Going Free? Who Cares??

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/9 )

Gizmodo suggest that Mobile Me might be offering a free version. I and I hope people with common sense is saying Who Cares? I even went to take a look at Mobile Me, and went to see if there was anything there I might have been missing. Here is what they have to offer, and here is my thoughts.

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November 16

Today was a bit of a busy day. With the exception of getting toothpaste in the evening, I stayed home. I watched all of the shows on Hulu, watched the podcasts as they came in, and made all of the phone calls I intended to make today. However, what’s depressing is out of all of the reality listed in the Yellow Pages, only one was somewhat possibly promising.

I say this because there might be a 1 Bedroom apartment that should be wheelchair accessible and close to buses that might be available in a month or two. I will know more in about a week. It is in the Manchester area of the city which isn’t my top choice, but considering this is so far the only possible option there is, I will look at it and if in a reasonably good area, then I will probably take it.

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Apple can Win the War with the Jail Break

There was an article about Apple filing a patent to detect “unauthorized” users and lock the phone, wipe the data, and notify an authorize user of the intrusion. However, some have decided to make this an anti-root tactic. Rooting (aka Jail Break) while legal in the US has always been something Apple does not want you to do. In my opinion, this is to keep you in the iTunes world, where everything goes through them, and with most roots – you get an alternative store full of everything that Apple didn’t allow. However, even with the patent filing, it is just a filing. Some of the things such as heartbeat detection is not a cost reality.

Apple if they wanted to win the war with the developers that are providing roots to the devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (which I believe will be the only kind of iPod in a year or two), then they can do it in the next non critical update. Here is how and why.

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August 12

A bit happened today, but not everything. It will seem as if the grocery store eludes me. However, since I have good supply of food still, it is mostly for condiments, and a few other none essentials. The important thing was to go to the Apple Store to get the accelerometer problem taken care of. The geniuses, which is self centered title in my opinion as I doubt any of them have a 140+ IQ looked at the problem, told me that the iPod was in near perfect condition with just wear and tear scratches on the back. He turned the iPod off, and tried to get it to work as well. He then asked if I have everything backed up. I told him I did, and they gave me a new one.

My brother called shortly after I got out of the store, and picked me up. He spent a couple of hours at my place before having to go into his shift. I of course stayed home in preparation of that UPS time. Once, I got the replacement phone – I first made sure it was working. It was a little slow to react while getting all of my data such as contacts, mail, and calendar – however this is acceptable. The phone is still giving me problems on staying on wifi which is ticking me off. I’m not worried of overages, but in most cases, my home network is still a better connection than my cellular.

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You’re Allowed to Jailbreak, but Apple Don’t Care.

A few days ago, the Library of Congress (US) has decided to say that it is legal to root, or add another OS on your smart phone/PDA. What does this mean? Well, the most popular of things means that you are allowed to make it possible to install another store on your iPhone (commonly known as jailbreaking). Before, Apple had the right to go after these companies with copyright violations, but with this decision, it is now legal to do such.

However, in the end – it doesn’t matter to Apple. And why is that? Well, jail breaking is still a violation of TOS which is a civil matter, and not a legal matter. Therefore, if you jail break, and of course – you’re not violating any law, but your iPhone goes on the fritz, they can refuse to fix it simply because you can use it on T-Mobile rather than AT&T.

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