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Today was a busy day. I had to go to an appointment. I left at 9:45AM to get to an appointment on time at 11:15AM. This was required by taking two buses, the first bus’s fare box was offline. This only saved about 50¢. I also had to wait about 45 minutes for the Route 1 when I left my appointment. I also picked up my prescription, which I had to wait another 45 minutes for my bus back home. I finally got home about 2:30PM. I took the dogs out for a short walk, and then fed them.

Not much planned for tomorrow. I will have to make a couple of phone calls, and do a little work on a couple of web sites. I will have a bit of errands that will need to be done on Friday.


Not much happened today. I reminded Chris of his phone bill. Last time, he told me he didn’t realize it was that late, and I want to make sure he won’t be able to use that same excuse again. I also had to go to see my anesthesiologist which is something that I need to do every 3 months. I am OK with that though.

I also picked up a bag of dog food, a bowl for their water at night time, a new collar for one of them. I don’t want to spend too much money as I will have the veterinarian appointment for them on Friday. I also added a new domain to my collective of domains, and I think this one will strike some emotions for those that live in the United States – although that will be the point behind it.

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A bit has happened today. I had a dental appointment which took some time. After that, I had to make a small deposit with the bank. After that, I had a prescription that had to be filled. The prescription took much longer than it needed to, but at least I didn’t miss the bus I was expecting to catch.

The dogs got their walk in the morning, while I fed them in the afternoon. As for plans for tomorrow, I have another dental appointment and after that, I will have to get some dog food for the dogs. I emptied the bag a couple of days ago, but want to make sure that there is always dog food available.


A bit happened today. I had a doctor’s appointment. I left at 10AM, and got home at 2:30PM. Most of that time was deal with the bus as I was in my appointment for about 30 minutes. I also learned the primary care physician I had for more than 15 years will be leaving for a teaching position. This will mean I will have a new doctor.

After leaving my appointment, I had to get a couple of prescriptions filled. I then went home to walk the dogs, and spent the rest of the day home. I went to bed although didn’t sleep well.

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A bit has happened today, but not as much as I would have liked. I had to go to get some packaging tape which I needed to seal the box with the defective router. After that, I went to my appointment, and on my way home, the ankles started to hurt more than usual. I did wanted to make sure the dogs had their walk, so I gave them their walk – although not as long as I would have wanted. I did let them play outside when it started to get dusk so they had some of their excess energy burnt off, and got a bit of play time in. Andrea also asked me to come over to fix their PC’s network problem, so hopefully they will at least have bus fare to account for.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be home in the morning, and will leave for my brother’s in the early afternoon. On my way to his place, I will drop off the router at a drop box. UPS will be happy to pick it up for a $10 fee. Hopefully, I will be able to get home quickly, especially if I am still in a lot of pain.


A bit happened today. I allowed the dogs to play in the back yard a couple of times today. I however had an appointment in the late afternoon which meant I couldn’t really give them a good walk. They also had a late dinner. As for my appointment, it was a dental appointment which they repaired 2 more teeth. I in turn have 7 more repairs to go through which will involve three more visits. After that will be extractions of teeth too bad for repairs.

I also had the bad news of Google killing their reader service which meant I went on the hunt for an effective RSS reader. I tried Mozilla Thunderbird which proved useless. I am now trying Feedly which I am not fond of the layout. Last, I made a deposit of money which most of it went to my credit card to attack the balance owed on it. I however still have about $100 in bills to pay off this month which is charged to the credit card. However, every little step counts.

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Not much happened today. I had two doctor appointments. The first one was a dental appointment, while the second one was for the anesthesiologist. I left at 9AM, and got home almost 3PM. I wasn’t much in the mood to do much else when I got home.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls, but will otherwise be home. Not much else planned for the day.


A bit happened today, some of which was disappointing. First, I had a doctor’s appointment which was not much happened there. The doctor prescribed something for a small ear infection. Otherwise, nothing much happened. I then went to Downtown to check on my mail in false hope that One Main Financial finally sent the check they should have a week ago. It would seem as if they hadn’t yet. I will be checking again on Monday the 19th when I go for another appointment.

In the mid afternoon, the shopping cart ordered from Walmart came. This will mean that future events that I will have to go grocery shopping, especially for dog food, the cart will be taken. Since dog food is 38lbs (17.23kg) for the bag that will last two weeks, the idea is I should be able to put a minimum of one, and hopefully two bags in, and make it easier to bring the food back home, especially since I have to walk at least 3 city blocks to get to the closest bus stop to go home.

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Today, not much happened. Chris left about 9:30, and I took the dogs out, and got them ready so I could take a 10AM bus for an 11AM appointment. Before the appointment, I picked up a couple of loaves of bread. I then went to the appointment which I had a 20 minute wait.

After the appointment, I went to a local pharmacy to pick up a gallon of orange juice. This was definitely cheaper than doing it locally. I then had to wait about an hour for the bus back home. After I got home, I took the dogs out for a walk which they were both happy for.

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A bit happened today. I had to go to a doctor’s appointment. This took some time, and I will have to go next month as well. After my appointment, I went to someone’s house to pick up a PC that they say needs to be worked on. It originally came with Windows XP, but there is a locked version of Linux on it now. The owner asked me to try to get Windows back on. I will work on that tomorrow. After that, I headed home with Chris who stopped by about the time I got there.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a couple of phone calls possibly. I will also have to get to get my prescription filled. Other than the prescription, and what work I can do on the PC, there will be no real plans.