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October 5

Today was a bit of a busy day. I had to do a few things, and shame on me for not looking at my account to see what I should do as I would have been able to do a couple more things too. However, nonetheless, I did what I needed too.

First, I had to go to see my anesthesiologist for refills, and adjustment on medicine. I personally feel the medicine I am taking is more trouble than good, but still trying to work with it. The doctor feels that with the side effects as prominent as they are, I maybe having too much, so he lowered the prescription. Hopefully, that will work.

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September 23

Today was mostly around a doctor’s appointment. I was actually impressed with the speed of the 93 route which goes from Oakland to Lawenceville in about 10 – 20 minutes. This is of course with the use of Bigelow Blvd which in my opinion is under-used by the local bus system. I ended up having to take another bus, but this was known, and got there a bit early, but better a bit early than late.

The Primary Care Physician took a look at the gum, and prescribed an anti-biotic which I will start tomorrow morning. Chris actually drove me back home, and stayed for a couple of hours afterwards. I did try to get some rest afterwards, especially while fighting with a couple of painful sensations.

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June 14

Today was a bit of a painfully busy day. I had a doctor’s appointment, grocery shopping, and had to deal with a couple of other things as well. I did have a stroke of luck, but not without cost. The best thing is that I managed to get another 3 character domain. Anyone who gets 3 character domains would know that getting one that makes sense for them, and available (not for sale at a high price tag) is nearly impossible. I had fsp.cc for a while, and was fortunate enough to get fsp.im last year for a very reasonable price. This was because the domain wasn’t registered. Well, the same went for when I bought fsp.tel earlier today.

Now, I also had a doctor’s appointment today, and in turn – I went to the UPS Store to get prices. Well, the small box which is what I would need is way too expensive. They want $51 for 3 months, $96 for 6 months, or $168 for 12 months. So, it would look as if I would have to get a PO Box. Since the one in Oakland is obviously not along the main street, and I am not sure where I would move too, I would be getting one in Downtown most likely. At least the one of 4 in Downtown would mean most likely one bus to there from where ever I might move too.

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