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Today was pretty plain in the morning, and afternoon – however an associate of an associate asked me to remove a virus from their computer without their OS disc. I was able to kill the virus – but not before it did a lot of damage. This computer had Windows XP SP1 with IE 6 which I am sure is the problem. Since Microsoft considers XP at end of life for the consumer market, I had to grab both SP2 and SP3 packs and install them. This will be some work I will have to do for tomorrow.

Another thing I will have to do is try to get the drivers loaded. Since the person can only access their home network via wifi – this is definitely a must. Hopefully, I will be successful in this endeavor with this finicky brand (Dell Latitude 610)

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Today was a busy day. I am coming to realize that Talisa needs more exercise, so I am going to put her on the treadmill for 90 minutes at 2.2mph. Malak is more relaxed, so he would not get such a active workout. They will still need to get their regular walk which I will always do. Talisa hasn’t been listening as well as she should – so I am going to have to figure out how to correct that.

I also called the landlord regarding a document I asked him to fill out. He said, he would check with the proxy he handed the document to, and should have something for me tomorrow. I tried to get a hold of Chris, but he seems to have the flu which I heard from Andie. I sent Andie an SMS through the web browser to hopefully get Chris to call me.

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Not much happened today. I did my normal walking of the dogs, and took them out even though it was a bit cold out. The snow fall is light, and the outdoor walk is short. Talisa is still very hyper, so I might put her on for longer. I have also did a little writing on a couple of pages, and added a couple of pages.

Otherwise, not much else happened. A friend stopped by to try to get his one phone to support Google Voice. However, considering he currently has no PC, he can’t will have a hard time utilizing his Windows Phone to support it. He will have to get his PC fixed, and install the Zune software. After that, he can get a non-official app.

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Today was much like every other day. I did try to help a friend out, but from her opinion, it didn’t do much good. She needed some inquiries with a company in the US, but she lives in Canada. This would have obviously been an international call (even though we share the same country code). I eventually looked into options that will help her in the future. Not being tech savvy, I would have wanted to find something simple.

I also received my cellular bill, and had a sticker shock as something I told T-Mobile to do didn’t happen. It will seem as if I would have to call them tomorrow to address that issue. I spent the remainder of my time working on trying to finish a particular site which I believe I am almost complete.

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Not much happened today. I made a couple of phone calls, and tried to do some negotiation with a company that as of yet has proven unsuccessful. I of course walked my dogs, created an .iso file for Andie as her PC’s Windows OS is corrupted, and she doesn’t have the OS disc. I will most likely be going on Wednesday to do that as well as watch my nephew. I also found out a friend of mine has a question, but can never remember it.

On some worse news, I had a major problem with my PC to where it forced me to reformat and restore my system. This of course is not a pleasant thing, although at least I have an external hard drive to back up my music files. I will have to do some work on the PC, and try to do some restoring while I am out tomorrow.

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A good deal happened today. First, it seemed to have regularly rained in the morning which forced me to wait until later when it finally ends. However, I did walk the dogs taking the Cedar route. This leaves to get on Lowrie to Troy Hill Road to East Ohio Street, and finally to Cedar where I will go as far down as Giant Eagle and then in reverse. This process takes about 90 minutes, and part of the way – along a steep hill which I would have rather not have to deal with, but it is there nonetheless.

I then spent much of the day watching Hulu videos, a movie from Netflix which was returned, and worked on a web site to provide some insight to my insanity. It also seemed as if I had to make a few adjustments, but it is OK, as I believe I have resolved the problems. I will hopefully soon have the site noted for public viewing. Most of the content will however be on various sub domains – although there will be a blog on the main domain which I will eventually write on that too.

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Not much happened today. I was in a bit of pain, and hadn’t slept well in a few days. Talisa is improving on her walk, but still have setbacks. I also watched a TV show called the Walking Dead, but missed the first 10 minutes. I also did a little research on something that I may need to rely on for a temporary measure. I am still trying to recover from the nearly $200 in costs to spay Talisa, and neuter Malak. As for plans for tomorrow, I will go to pick up Xavier and bring him to my place. I asked Andie to give a couple of small things and bus fare, so I should be getting that. I am just hoping I will be able to make it to Downtown or East Ohio Street in time while I have him. I am sure that he wouldn’t want to wait for an hour. While he is watching kid shows, I will hopefully finish watching what is in my Hulu queue.


Today was a big day for Malak, and a confusing day for Talisa. It was also a little chaotic for me. First, I didn’t take the dogs out as early as I normally would. The reason of why is because Malak had to go into surgery today. This means that his evening meal about 4PM was his last, and he wasn’t allowed water after bedtime. I didn’t want to walk Malak and have him thirsty until he recovered. Therefore Talisa will get a morning walk late. Chris stopped by about 7:45AM and picked me and Malak up. He was taken to the Western PA Humane Society where Hello Bully arranged the surgery (this is a good thing). He was registered, and weighs a healthy 54lbs. He then went in and I put all of the documents away.

When I got home, I walked Talisa, fed her, and played with her for a while. I did have to drop something off at the mail box, but for some reason Talisa felt the desire to get stupid and started barking. I am trying to get her to be a good neighbor especially since the upstairs neighbor works at night. Chris came back at about 4:45PM to take me to pick up Malak. He was a little lethargic but he was himself. Chris then took me to Allegheny General Hospital so I could drop off the defective phone via UPS. You would figure they will put the drop box in a easy to find place.

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Not much happened today. I wrote a couple of emails, watched some shows on Hulu, and took the dogs out for a couple of walks. Talisa is getting back to normal, and now overly playful as usual. She is obeying better which is good, but now pulling on her walks. I also set up a web site for a friend of mine who was laid off from her work. This web site (while not a domain) will be easy for people to get to, and will allow her to post her resume on the web. She received an email address that will match the web address, and a respective telmy.tel address.

I hadn’t done much on the project site I am working on which is not a good thing as I wanted to get that online by now. I will hopefully work on that tomorrow. I also made a few phone calls, but most of them without any success. As for plans for tomorrow, not much will be planned. I will catch up a little on the Hulu videos, and work on the project site. I will also have to make sure I have all of the details for Malak for his neutering surgery on Monday.


Today was a bit of an exciting day, although I was hoping it would have been more productive. I got Malak (formally known as Ikey) which is a black male pit bull about 6 months old. He has a couple of issues that will need to be worked on, but he actually behaves a little better than Talisa. However I still love them both. I also got to chat with a couple of people online, sent a couple of messages, and Chris stopped by. He was going to help assemble the treadmill, but forgot one of the needed tools. I did get to walk Malak (with Talisa) twice today which means it can be done.

Since Malak is still not house trained, I will have to invest in newspapers.The papers will remain under the cage. He will need to be in a kennel cage any time they can not be supervised. This is because Talisa is not spayed. However, since she will get her vaccines on the 7th, I will expect that her spaying will be between the 14th and 17th. By then, I am hoping that most if not all accidents can be corrected. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to walk both dogs in the morning, and I will hope that we can get the treadmill assembled. Once the treadmill is assembled, I can get the dogs conditioned to get a workout on that. Most likely Talisa will go before the long walk while Malak will go after the long walk.