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September 28

Most of today was spent in house sitting. Someone needed to have someone there to have a phone line installed. Normally, I will laugh at that idea, but since this is for a fax machine, and there is no desire for broadband, this is a reason why a regular phone line could be needed. However, it was a bit more work than it should have been.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to the main street and get some bread, and will have to go to the bank. I will also expect to see the movie Repo Man from Netflix which is expected to come in on Wednesday. I will also want to add something to my blog as well.

August 23

Today was a functional day. I had done some work for someone and it just took a couple of hours, but I earned some money afterwards which went to a wasted terrible pizza from a company that I will never willingly order from again.

I also feel I am coming down with a cold, but I am sure it will pass soon. When I got home, I just was in a bit of pain where I ended up catching up on some podcasts, a movie from Netflix, and a couple of Hulu shows.

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August 11

Today was a bit of a busy day, but not much going on. A person I associate with needed help with his computers, and connecting a new printer to his home network. Before getting there, there was a couple of other stops, and most of the work was starting the process and letting it run through with the exception of the printer.

I finally got home a bit late, and would seem to have UPS came by on the same day that T-Mobile sent the SMS with the tracking number. The slip said sometime after 5PM tomorrow, so at least there isn’t a 10 hour wait, but more of a 2 hour wait. This will mean that I will still have a couple of things that need to be done, and I should be able to do them.

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