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Assurant’s Bait and Switch Scheme

On Thursday August 7, my Nexus 7’s screen cracked. This was due to my ankles giving way, and in turn – the Nexus 7 falling out of my hand and hitting the ground. Yes, I was pissed. Not only do I have to come up with money for Talisa’s test – but now I had to come up with money to pay the deductible. You see, I pay $10 for T-Mobile’s Jump program which includes Premium Device Protection with Assurant Solutions. Now, my brother and his girlfriend each had to use the insurance service because they are careless with expensive things – however in the 6+ years I had T-Mobile, and been using smart devices (first one being a Blackberry 8320 – pre Apple/Android days), I had never broke a device.

So, I find out how much the deductible is, and I pull funds out of 2 credit cards to fund $100 on my Google Wallet Card. I tried to file online, but it was not successful – so I called them. They had the claim, and it would seem as if the system had problems with the Google Wallet Card. The system did accepted it, and Assurant informed me that they will be sending me the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – 7.0 because it is a comparable model to the Nexus 7. I disputed with the representative and informed them that I had the Nexus 7, and that is the item I want. It is still available on the market, so it is not a legacy device. I bought the Nexus 7 because I get a reliable update path, and prefer the stock Android over the UI interfaces that other carriers give. I was told that I would have to speak with T-Mobile about it. And so the madness begins

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Can I Really Count on You in an Emergency?

In the United States, the emergency response number is 911. Any where in the US, or even Canada – you can dial 911 from any phone, and help is on the way. Well, not exactly. There are many VOIP providers that don’t offer this. For example, Skype doesn’t offer this. Neither do many providers that just charge you on a per minute plan. One example is I use Local Phone to make VOIP calls (when I need too), and they are less than 1¢ a minute. However, no 911 dialing is available.

Call Centric charges me $3/month for a 911 fee, and offers it, but that would mean in an emergency, I would have to remember to do something different as calls through them are 2¢ a minute. And I am sure that some people want to make sure their VOIP provider hasn’t screwed anything up, and would want to call 911 to see if it works. However, doing so just to say hi is illegal.

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