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Week 35 – 2014

This week has been a bit frustrating. After receiving a scripted reply from Assurant on where my refund on my deductible is – I filed a chargeback request from Google. It will seem as if Google has really shitty policies in dealing with card issues on their customers in situations similar to mine. With this in mind, I am seriously considering recording phone calls when I contact companies such as Assurant. I will obviously have to inform them of the call being recorded, and receive consent for such. This will matters more difficult, but Google is asking if I have proof that they will refund me when I returned their inferior product. Since everything was done by phone, there is no such proof. I will have to do such in future major transactions.

On a good note, T-Mobile has refunded the out of warranty charge they imposed on me for Assurant’s incompetency. While I am very appreciative as an extra $150 would have been a big hit on me, T-Mobile should not have to have done this. I am now seriously considering legal actions against Assurant. While I did get the issue resolved through the grace of T-Mobile, Assurant has still done wrong. I still have the Nexus 4 my brother uses and my Nexus 7 on the JUMP program which uses Assurant, so I am hoping that not only can I hopefully get the devices upgraded to new Nexus devices, but hopefully use another company for insurance. The problem will be the $100+ cost for paying the insurance all at once.

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