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2012 Predictions

So, the end of 2011 is almost here, and 2012 will soon be here. So, what do I think will happen in 2012? This is my predictions for 2012, and some will be ridiculous, but others may make sense. I will also divide my predictions into groups.

Pittsburgh Local

Port Authority to try to stay in the black will do things to upset many people. Bus fare will go up, and service will go down. In addition, the fare system will be streamlined to make it easier. All standard bus routes will be in 1 fare price rather than possibly two. This will increase the base fare to $2.75 (mid point between the two zone prices), and will keep transfers at $1 for a 3 hour period. Services will also drop. Bus routes now not offering Sunday/Holiday service will also loose Saturday service. Express, Rapid Buses, and Subways will have a 75¢ surcharge. In addition, there will be the use of a magnetic card/cash combination. The card will replace bus passes, and will eliminate transfers requiring the rider to use the card if they will want to have transfers. A card will be keyed to a particular person, and therefore provide for half fare transit for disabled which will also require a photo on the card.


Apple will release the iPhone 5. It will have a new shape, but I don’t see the screen going above 4”. Even with the license spectrum that T-Mobile has with AT&T, I don’t see it coming to T-Mobile, unless Apple produces an iPhone supporting all of the HSPA+ bands. Unless Sprint abandons WiMax (therefore pissing off current 4G phone owners), or Light Square comes in as a White Label LTE provider, Apple will not go to 4G. They will still stay with a 64GB max capacity.

Apple will release a Macbook Air 15” model, and drop prices on the other two models. I could see the 11” going to $800. The 11” will still lack a SD card reader – however the 13, and 15 inch models will have one. The Mac Book Pro will be dropped, and the iMacs will get a refresh. I can also see another virus hitting Apple Mac OS lines.

The iPod Shuffle – dropped. The iPod Nano – price reduced, and runs a minimal version of iOS. Don’t expect a robust app store compatibility. iPod Touch will be the flag ship, and the Classic will be changed to support SSD rather than a mechanical hard drive. This will drop prices in SSDs and make it more attractive to the end users. I could see SSD prices hitting $1/GB because of this.

Apple will release a television. This television will have integrated access to the iTunes Store, will have a cable card adapter and support for 4 simultaneous channels. It will have a camera for FaceTime, PiP, and a power button. The power button will be out of sight, and will rely on an iOS device as a remote control. Remote control will take the form of wifi, and LAN access with UID authentication for controlling individual TVs. They will come in 36”, 40” and 50” models, and will cost 75% more than a lower high end TV. It will be pretty, but will not sell.


Google will continue to offer free GTalk calling services, and I could see them considering to going into SIP, however this may not seem to be likely. I will like to hope that they would have done something with the 2 year Gizmo Acquisition and at least offer +883 support. I could also see Google offering better URLs for their Google Plus Service, and with the increasing adoption of Android devices, this service will increase by default. I don’t see many people using the service though. Android 4.0 will be a success, but only for the devices that have it. Manufacturers and carriers will continue to drag their feet on updates, and one my only expect an upgrade to 1 platform even if there can be support. So all phone originally with 2.2 will not get 4.0.

In the end, Google will continue to have dominance, but will start to stagnant. Google will also most likely sell the Motorola acquisition they possessed but of course keep the patents to use to protect Android. As for the Android OS, it will start to off branch into other areas. It will be reasonable to see the OS running cars, homes, and little tiny Androids. Non Approved devices will still not get the Market, or other Google Integrated Services instead – companies will continue to offer their own store with paranoids like me not opting to use them. Instead, people will get the Amazon App Store – therefore will be a serious competitor to Google.


A major company will acquire its own TLD (example IBM acquires .ibm). GoDaddy will suffer in 2012 as many small consumers who knew of their support for SOPA will alienate consumers, and they will change close to the expiration dates. TelNIC will continue to not have a widespread adoption and will only be used by people who want a contact page, or knows the full potential.

There will be another major security issue that happens on the Internet. In addition, a US infrastructure system will be targeted via the Internet. I also see something coming into public light that accuses the United States having committed a cyber attack on an unfriendly country.

Verizon will make a deal with Comcast. They will take Comcast’s wireless spectrum, and offer the network to allow Comcast to offer a “Quad” Play package – adding mobile into their deals. However, Verizon will stagnant on expanding their FiOS markets, and eventually stop taking customers. Instead, they will recommend Comcast. Comcast’s prices will rise. Ala’ Cart Television will still be a consumer’s dream.

Netflix will face a serious competitor either in Amazon, or Apple. They will not offer DVD rentals, but offer streaming services for less than Netflix.


Windows 8 will integrate better with the gaming and mobile platform. The design will cater to those using those systems, and newbies, but will isolate the long time Windows 95+ users who have been familiar with the Start Menu and task bar. Microsoft will unify their OSes, and line ups. One might see Windows Game, Windows Mobile, Windows Home, and Windows Professional with the version starting at 8 for everything. Game will be the XBox platform on a new XBox system.


The rise of prices in mechanical hard drives will stagnant in the second quarter. About this time, I could see prices of SSDs dropping. They will be higher than the price of mechanical hard drives, but at $1 per GB which is what I will assume the price to be eventually will drop the prices to where it will be reasonable for most people. Thin notebooks will start having SSDs as an option. End of the year, I will suspect a low end PC to have a 120GB SSD (PC less than $500).

Tablets will take a center stage, and will try to replace PCs. In some people who are just using it to consume media, this will become an option. For people that create content, the tablet will serve secondary. Smart phones will rise with the major players being Android, and iOS. Windows Phone will stagnant at 15-20%, and RIM will fall to 10%. If they don’t have a game changing lineup of phones, they will declare bankruptcy or seek a buyer.

SIP will start to gain more attraction for people needing or wanting a home phone. One might even see a consumer grade cordless telephone that will connect into both an RJ11 and RJ45 jack. This will hit brick and mortar stores, and will carry an attraction niche such as cheap phone service. One company once keeping their SIP services behind walls (such as Vonage, or NetTalk) will open it up allowing people to not have to buy their router.


Republic Wireless will go out of BETA and will have better integration with Google Voice. This might actually help convince Google Voice to accept +883 adoption. T-Mobile will declare bankruptcy, and Deutsche Telekom will simply just abandon them. Without the sufficient subscriber base, and the bankruptcy news, they will start to bleed customers. This will drive higher prices of current cellular plans. VMNOs such as Cricket, or Virgin Mobile will reap the benefits of T-Mobile’s wounds.

World – America

Canada will loose RIM to a bankruptcy, or company buyout as their market share in the mobile space drops below 10%. The United States will re-elect Barack Obama unless the majority of the population will blame him for another hit in the financial market. If this Ron Paul or Mitt Romney will be elected. Housing and Urban Development which provides financial assistance to low income families will offer a program for long term recipients to provide a similar home/condo to where they will provide for a 10 year assistance payment on a mortgage. This will only apply to recipients of 10+ years with no landlord complaints of non-payments.

No changes in other parts of America with the exception of Mexico. I could see a very public assassination of a government figure by the cartels. I also see a mass murder spilling over on the US side of the border. This will involve the US to go into Mexico on the blessing of the Mexican Government to either use Special Ops forces, or drones to strike cartel gangs.

World – Asia

Having seen that Capitalism has “failed”, the youth will seek to try to bring Communism back to Russia for hopes of jobs, and meeting the basic needs. Russian/US relations will falter, but there will not be a cold war attitude. The nuclear armistice will still allow the US to help Russia get find and dismantle their nuclear arsenal as agreed with.

Having lost their long time great leader, North Korea’s successor will flex its muscles by “test” launching flag ship nuclear ready ICBMs. There will also be rumors that South Korea will be invaded by North Korea. China will have to step in to try to make things better at least in regards to North Korea.

World – Middle East

Iraq since our departure in late 2011 will fall into a Civil War, and there will be concerns of Iraq splitting into two or even 3 separate countries. However, Iraq will remain 1 country. Talks between Palestine and Israel will be in the final stages, but Hamas must not be allowed in power. In addition, a successful cease fire will have to take place with both sides. Country lines will be mostly Israeli based, but some adjustments from there.

Confirmation that Iran has a nuclear weapons program will become apparent. The United States will still have a strong presence in Afghanistan, however there will be considerations of pulling out. Pakistan will tighten permissions to use their border in efforts to get more financial aide.

I will be a Cricket Customer–NOOOOO!

Well, there is some news. AT&T has withdrew their initial proposal to buy T-Mobile. Sounds like Good news for T-Mobile customers, right? T-Mobile will even get about $6 Billion in cash, spectrum, and assets. However, not so fast. AT&T withdrew because based on the current buy plan, AT&T will probably fail passing through the Department of Justice, and the Federal Communications Commission. So, instead, AT&T has just as sinister of a plan. You see, AT&T want’s T-Mobile for two reasons. One, killing T-Mobile will make AT&T the only national GSM carrier. Sprint uses CDMA as does Verizon. CDMA is not a global standard, and the US is actually the largest buyer of CDMA technology while almost the rest of the world uses GSM. Secondly, AT&T wants T-Mobiles bands and spectrum to ignite its LTE transition while still supporting HSDPA. Basically, T-Mobile’s towers will turn into AT&T LTE towers.

So, how would AT&T do this? Well, the easiest way on paper was to buy T-Mobile for $39 Billion dollars. However, it received stiff opposition from millions of people from the beginning forcing the federal government to scrutinize the transaction. So, now AT&T is thinking of working with an investment group to buy pieces of T-Mobile, therefore taking the spectrum. The customers and some unrequired spectrum won’t be AT&T’s, but instead to play fairly – it would be given to one of the largest MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) in the US. This will be Leap Wireless. Don’t know Leap Wireless? Maybe you don’t know then name of Cricket Communications’ parent company then?

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So, you will be conquered by AT&T, now what?

First, let’s get one thing noted. I am biased towards this instance. I personally feel this will be one of the worst things that will happen, and to make matters worst, I don’t think there is any stopping this. Next, I am not an insider. I don’t know any of the back door agreements, and for the most part will be as much in the dark as any other common person. Last, I am not an analyst. To be exact, I am disabled, and live offer of an amount that is below the poverty rate. I am telling this so no one panics and takes my predictions as law, and written in stone. However, on a more personal note, I have a nasty habit of being right a lot of times, and I personally wish I was wrong more often. Just because I say something that is right, doesn’t always means it is beneficial for everyone.

So, with all of this aside, and me trying to keep my animosity towards AT&T in check, I will try to rely on just facts. On March 20, 2011 – AT&T made it known they were buying T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion in cash and stock from Deutsche Telekom. This only affects the T-Mobile company in the United States. Any European Entity of T-Mobile are not affected just as Virgin Mobile in Europe weren’t affected when Sprint bought Virgin Mobile USA. The reason this sale didn’t go through immediately is that it has to be approved by regulatory such as the Department of Justice, the Federal Communications Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission. They normally do not have to get involved with every transaction that takes place, but such a purchase will do a few things.

  1. Allow a company  to have public spectrum that was not normally negotiated to them on a national scale.
  2. Reduce the number of national carriers that are in the United States
  3. Make sure that AT&T will not have monopolistic power over the Cellular Industry within the US
  4. Make sure that the purchase was legal according to the laws in the United States.

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Today could have been a better day. It would seem my life has revolved around the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T. This will effectively kill T-Mobile, and harm every cellular consumer in the US. And while I will like to hope that the regulatory boards will block this purchase, hope is only viable in a unicorn farm. What makes matters worse, is I would have to consider replacing my cellular phone in July considering it is a bit legacy. There is no point in spend $500 on a phone from a company that may not be around in 18 months. It would look as if I would be forced into a contract with some carrier of some sort whether be T-Mobile for the reasonable price, and hope all works out, or with another carrier.

So, that was my day of dreading the inevitable. Andie also called asking about her computer where the hard drive  died. I offered her an old 140GB, but she would have needed to get the adapter for a notebook drive on her desktop. Otherwise, this day has been pretty much quiet. As for plans for tomorrow, I will need to do an errand, and stop over at Andie’s to get something on my behalf. Hopefully, I will be able to talk with T-Mobile about what options I may have and hopefully they don’t try to sell me something that won’t be in my best interest.

AT&T bought a T-Mobile, and it’s bad for everyone

On Sunday evening, AT&T made the initial offering to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 Billion, and stock in AT&T. Don’t worry Europe, you are safe from the evil monster, it’s only the US that getting bent over. And after the rumors opened on the Internet, T-Mobile confirmed it with a small FAQ of the acquisition. The only thing stopping this is US regulators such as the DOJ, and FTC. However, I feel this will not happen, and it would be bad for everyone as a whole. AT&T of course will benefit as they will instantly increase their network dramatically, and add to a customer base of loyal customers. They are even likely to usurp Verizon Wireless as the number one carrier. AT&T stock holders will love this, and in some twisted way of faith, customer of what would once have been T-Mobile will have the option of the iPhone. However, while their maybe some sugar coating, it is simply put bad for everyone. Not only is it bad for T-Mobile customers which is obvious, but it would be bad for everyone who relies on a cellular phone. In addition, it may even likely hurt the US economy. I will explain why.

First, let’s address how this will hurt T-Mobile customers. First, AT&T already noted that they will take the T-Mobile towers and use them for their LTE roll out. Guess what that means? This will be LTE on AT&T using AT&T’s spectrum. This will now mean that all of the 3G devices on T-Mobile will simply cease functioning, or at best go to 2G which is about 1/4 the capacity of the 3G. And don’t be fooled thinking because you have the new and latest Samsung Galaxy 4G, you are safe – because you are not. This is one thing I disagreed with T-Mobile calling their HSPA+ (high end 3G) 4G. It is not, and those customers thinking they are safe because AT&T is rolling out their 4G network is wrong. So if you are like me and was planning on spending $400 – $500 on a non contract price phone that you would have for a couple of years because you prefer T-Mobile, and the non contract price, you may end up paying more if the network starts shutting down in less than a year.

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AT&T + T-Mobile = 1 of the worst tech news of 2011

First, let’s read the title. Revolts and natural disasters are obviously worse, and where people are dying, starving, and suffering, this is not much of anything big. So, please read before you send hate mail. Yesterday, Several of tech blogs and eventually T-Mobile confirmed that AT&T has decided to buy T-Mobile for $39 Billion. The merger unless US Regulatory intervenes will take place completely in about a year. Now, there were weak rumors that Sprint would have bought T-Mobile, but never really seen that. And the reason for rumors to begin with, is Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile) was putting it for sale since it was loosing money.

So, what does this mean for Deutsche Telekom. Well, first they get to take home $39 Billion and some stock in the new AT&T. They can take home stock shares that will give them profits without having to deal with a coverage area bigger than the remainder of the coverage they control combined. In addition, they get to take $39 Billion to build their European Market, and make the US customer wish even more so of the great coverage and rates in Europe.

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Today was much like any other day. I did chatted with a friend in the morning, but nothing special beyond that. I have been resting as the pain was a bit much this day. In addition, the fact that AT&T decided to buy T-Mobile didn’t help much. Unless the FTC decides to say no, the process will complete in a year, which puts me in a hard place as I am not a fan of AT&T. Once AT&T takes full control over T-Mobile, and implement their plans, it would only be $60 more than my current plan. Yes I will end up paying $60 more on AT&T for comparable features than I would with T-Mobile.

So after that depressing note, I move on with my day, and can only hope that the FTC will not be able to buy out T-Mobile. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be staying home with the exception of an errand, and I would most likely rant in vain about this upcoming merger. So good night all, and hope for today being a nightmare.

Being Evil is So Popular

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/12 )

Finally, someone that seen the exact same things I have seen, and put it on a site that a thousand times more popular than mine. AT&T, and the big gripes I have with them (which is why I would never go back to them) also came with the same conclusions. So, why is it that AT&T is so popular? Why is it that people would stay with them no matter how many times they bend them over and do them in the you know where? I actually know someone that would claim that AT&T can do no wrong even though they were the last to reduce their unlimited plan just months ago, and have took the liberty to screw him in doing so.

So, what would give these customers pause in dropping one of the worst carriers. Yes, one could say that Verizon has locked features out of their customers when the phone clearly supported it, but at least they had customer service, and catered to their business. AT&T is more likely to blame their customers for their problems. So, what does Ars Technica and I see in common – all things. Here’s a run down.

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Not Impressed for iPhone 4

The mighty iPhone 4 was unveiled and would be on sale in the US exclusively with AT&T. In a matter of fact, AT&T is even going to be so gracious to allow anyone whose contract expires this year to get an iPhone 4 with just the upgrade fee + phone. And I’m sure Steve Jobs of course spin his tale of how the iPhone 4 is the perfect best thing ever, and such.

And I would admit, there are some things that the iPhone 4 has to make it a worthy phone. However, the few good things only makes the many bad things about it that much worse. So, why do I say that the few good things only makes it much worse in regards to the bad. Well, because otherwise it would be incompetent design, however – Apple has decided to do incompetence by design.

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AT&T Sure Knows How to Screw Up the Humanoid Robot!

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/31 )

An Android is a humanoid robot, and AT&T sure knows how to screw it up. Here’s the thing, Android is one of the most open of all phone OSes. As I noted before, iPhone is locked down, and only available to one device line. RIM and WebOS are tied to multiple devices, but only one manufacturer. Windows Mobile (or what ever they want to call it these days) is available on many phones, but licensing fees are probably high. However, Android is free as for the OS goes, and anyone can develop for it, and therefore make their own apps.

However, this open and what makes the Android very powerful, and capable is what AT&T is seeking to kill. Let’s look at home automation for example. Home Automation companies are developing Android apps so you can control your home system from your phone. However, these  apps because they belong to a company and intended to work with their systems are not distributed to the Android Market. According to AT&T, you won’t be “allowed” to download this app. Another example might be a security company that may rely on a special app that may unlock your work terminal (via bluetooth), and since this is a security measure, it’s not available on the market. Again, AT&T feels you aren’t allowed to use this security measure. A reputable app developer may want to develop apps, but don’t feel like paying the commission to have it in the app store. Again, AT&T says no.

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