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First Impression: Samsonite Xenon 2

Yesterday, I have received the Samsonite Xenon 2 from Amazon at a sale price of $43. While this may seem expensive from a backpack you may find in Target, or Walmart, and a bit more than the cheapest back pack I ever owned ($5.00 at retail), the back pack has a number of features.

First, the reason I purchased the back pack is both the old backpack which had a shoulder strap fraying needed to be replaced. This is where I purchased the $5 backpack, but this back pack had no means of organization making it impossible to keep things together, and easily found. Since my backpack carries everything I do not need immediately on hand, organization is important.

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If I had $100,000

This blog post was definitely harder than I expected. It would seem as if this amount would have been worth noting, but I had to make some decisions on big ticket items such as a house of my own. Assuming that I would had to furnish it, and it would have likely needed renovation, this made it too much. Which then brought more money for other things. While I will try to keep this post shorter than I could have made it, it will still be a long post.

There will have to be some things to keep in mind. First, this amount is Net (after taxes). Second, this is to assume that it would not affect my sources of income and assistance unless I have too much after 6 months. The reason for this is imagine if someone said, here is $100,000 – but you can not work, and any financial assistance will be in a waiting line that could take 5-10 years. Needless to say, if you were smart, you would probably say no.

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Updates on the Hunt

For some that know me, knows I have a pet dog, and seeking another one. And while I love animals, two will be the maximum I will have – especially considering my financial well being, and the room that I have available. After checking with shelters, and wanting too much for the dog, and conditions that I can not meet to their standards, I have lost most of my options. With regular postings to Craigslist, and some immature group of ignoramus a$$holes flagging my ads, and therefore forcing me to post again makes my hunt even harder.

I have found one that needs a new home, and a good dog. No other real information was provided. So after not receiving a reply, I called the number in the ad, and he wanted $300 or best offer. I told him have a good day, and hung up. Seriously, if I had $300, I could have got a pure bred, or better yet, get one at the shelter. So, my ad for seeking a dog and provide a good home to it is flagged, but this one is able to keep his post online. I am guessing that only No Strings Attached sex personal ads get to be assured on.

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