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Progress on the Hunt

Today, I went to the only apartment I found that would hopefully meet my needs. I spoke with the property owner, and he would have to install a ramp for the time I would end up dealing with a wheelchair. In comparison to what I have now, this is a downgrade, but considering that this unit will no longer accept Section-8 in the next lease year, and a 1BR is more than my month’s income + utilities, I definitely can not even think of this place.

So, what is my initial assessment of this apartment? Well, the owner seems pretty reasonable, and seems as if he is willing to work with me. I have informed him that I can not afford to pay more than what I am paying now. As for financial considerations, my hopes is to get the utilities included, and get the security deposit waived (unlikely), or reduced. However, there are other considerations too.

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Toktumi – Attempt 2

I had Toktumi’s service a long time ago, and canceled it because the forwarding options didn’t allow for pay phone calls which I will get to that in a moment. However, while there are still issues I have with it, I have different needs. So, I will define my needs, the good and the bad of it.

My Needs

First, I wanted a phone line with the iPod Touch I have that will work well with the Google Voice app, and use my contacts within the iPod which syncs with my Google Contacts which I use with my Android phone. Essentially, the Google Contacts is a universal contacts and I wanted that reflected with the devices I have. I also wanted to assure that I had minimal surprise charges on my phone lines, and services. And last, I wanted to make sure that the family itself will have a uniformed telephone number.

While this may seem like overkill, it does keep in line with my needs, desires, and a budget. And while I am sure there are other solutions, I would rather deal with one company, as opposed to two or three.

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4 Months with the iPod Touch

No, this is not the newest and latest one. And yes, I knew there was one coming. However, when you need that music fix, and you don’t feel like killing the battery on the Android 1.6 phone, you get an MP3 player.

I had chosen this one because my options was limited. For my needs, this one was the best there was. So, do I regret the purchase, and exactly what am I doing with it? Well, in a short answer, I don’t regret it as much as I thought I would, and it serves for more than just playing music.

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A Perspective of the MyTouch

It’s been 5 months since I had purchased the T-Mobile MyTouch (HTC Magic) to upgrade my RIM 8320. And I figured 5 months is more than enough time to give my perspective on the phone. First, this is a low end phone compared to what’s coming out. While the Nexus One has had more than its share of problems, it puts light that 528Mhz found on the MyTouch is actually on the low side.

So, with that in consideration, I do write this review with little regret. No matter what you would buy, or when you buy it, there would always be something better in 6 months. So, I would want to focus on two things. One would be the phone which is my first touch screen phone, and another is the OS which is one of the newest players in the game.

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Pandora – My Thoughts

The online streaming music service available to many different platforms provides streaming music service based on your personal tastes from the names of musical artists, and songs you added. From there, it would also include many songs and artists that it thinks you would like. You could of course buy individual songs, and some interfaces have a means of getting information about the artist, or song.

You can also “thumbs up” add it as a song you like, or “thumbs down” note a song you don’t like, and never want to be bothered from hearing again. You can also skip songs, or pause songs. Sounds pretty great, right? Well, I love the concept, and the service is very good, but it does need a lot of room for improvement.

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Touching myTouch

It has been almost two weeks since I got the T-Mobile myTouch. Being on the T-Mobile USA Plus line of plans, I have to pay full price for the phone, however, I am fortunate enough to have the cost spread over 20 months. The myTouch is also known as the HTC Magic to the rest of the world. This is also my second smart phone I have.

The myTouch color I chosen was black, and I bought a gel cover that is as well black. Basically, I chosen this to prevent nicks and scratches. The phone has a Home button, Menu button, and a Call button on the left side. It has a back button, search button, and end/power button on the right side. In the middle is a trackball that is select capable (simply push). The screen is a nice size, and a beautiful screen.

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First Impression – HTC Magic (aka myTouch)

I went to the T-Mobile store on Forbes Avenue in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh PA for the new (to me) phone. Keep in mind that the myTouch is almost a year old, and while I would have liked a 3G phone earlier, it wasn’t until September of 2009. This would have defeated the purpose of having a 3G phone, especially since none as of yet supports UMA.

First, the phone, and included accessories comes in a bulky case. This makes it look important, but in the end, I would only use it if I intend to carry it in my backpack, or pack it away for a while. It also comes with a user guide, promotional material and a possibility for a free shell. As for the more useful items, an headphone which the pad anchors are a b**ch to get on, and of course the micro USB – 3.5mm headphone jack. Unlike the iPhone, or most other smart phones, there is no microphone on the headphones, but instead on the adapter. There is also a 4GB micro SD card which I would most likely give it when I sell the 8320.

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My Thoughts on T-Mobile

Since March of 2008, I have been a T-Mobile customer. At first, I had a data card, and cell phone plan. With the lack of real speed with the data card on EDGE, I had eventually taken it off. Now, I have a family plan which shares certain features, and eventually makes life easier.

There were a couple of reason I chosen T-Mobile. I was an AT&T customer and dissatisfied with a few aspects including customer service, price of the plan, per kb rates of any data I used, and the high messaging fees. In addition, I at the time had a house phone and the AT&T phone. I was getting tired of the two different phone lines I had to deal with, and to upgrade to truly replace the phone without worries would cost me more than twice as much, especially considering the price.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I figured I would address a number of things that has come across my life that is either good, bad, or ugly. The good and bad is as the name applies. The Ugly would be things that are so bad, that even the respective companies would not want to deal with it.

And I am sure there would be differing opinions, but these are my thoughts, my basic reviews, and my opinions. I am not sure what I would look forward to this year, but I am sure I would come across many more good, bad and ugly.

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