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Today was a busy day although I probably should be resting. I felt a little better in the day time, but ended up feeling worse in the evening. And while I would be resting tomorrow, that is not going to be a possibility. However as for today, I went to turn my keys in to the old PO Box. Once I done that, I walked to the T-Mobile store to pay my bill, then to the bank to make a small deposit. I then headed to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions that I didn’t get yesterday. I then went home, and stayed out of bed which in hindsight wasn’t the smartest idea. And of course, my meals consisted of soups which I have been relying for easy digestion, and hopefully to help fight the flu.

As for plans for tomorrow, I may go to the post office to get my mail which will mean a bus ride. I also probably should get some groceries as I miscalculated what I needed. I will have to make final decision though as of tomorrow whether I will do such. If not, I will stay in bed and continue fighting this flu.

December 13

Chris stopped by today and spent a couple of hours. Afterwards, I went to the bank to make a small deposit. Afterwards, I watched a movie (Book of Eli), and did some work on my Fantasy Site.

As for the work on the site, much of it was focused on finishing the Family Section, and then I started on the Home Section. I still have some pages to finish on that section, but I am confident if all goes well, it will be completed tomorrow. I will then move on to a new site of the domain.

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September 1

Today is the start of what I will expect to be a bad month. It will seem as if for some reason, my account has over drawn severely last month and even though they aren’t supposed to charge outrageous fees to customers that said no after a certain date, it will seem as if it has happened. After making a couple of phone calls, and moving a bill that was denied by the bank to a credit card for this month, I am not seeing a good outcome.

I stayed home waiting for a phone call to come in, but that never happened. I will have to call that person back tomorrow. In the meantime, I have done nothing else today. Chris stopped by this afternoon for a couple of hours, and a Netflix disc came in. I am strongly considering putting my Netflix on hold for a month. That will mean a little less money that will have to pay out which could save a bit more in the end.

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August 2

Today was a bit of a chaotic day. I had to go to the post office twice. The first time was to get postage stamps to mail off some documents. The second time was in the afternoon. Once I got the stamps, I prepared the envelopes to send them off, and went to the bank to withdraw the money for a money order. I then went to a local pharmacy to acquire the money order.

I then returned home, and with the documents mailed, I now had to get the money order written to give to the rental office. I then typed a small note to send with a small package for a friend of mine in Canada. I dropped off the rent at the office, went back to the post office to get a padded envelope, slap the addresses on them, filled out customs forms, and sent the package off. It should take 7 – 10 days according to the post office, even though Canada is right next door.

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