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New Domains–New Sites to follow

Recently, new domains have become available. These are offered through the release of new extensions. Every domain is divided into at least 3 parts. There is the sub-domain, the domain name, and the extension. In some cases such as UK domains, there are a sub extension. To give an example, frank.pilone.name is as follows. Frank is the sub-domain, Pilone is the domain name, and name is the extension. A single entity (whether be person or company) owns a domain name with a respective extension. For example, I own Pilone.name, but someone else owns Pilone.com (although they don’t seem to do anything with it).

Now, ICANN (the company that allows new extensions, and assigns a country with their domain extension) released new extensions with more on the way. Now, I feel that some of the domains don’t make as much sense, and many of them aren’t relevant to me. I will note some that I will consider as relevant to me, and why. There are currently one new domain name I want, but do not have the funds at this time. Another domain that I felt would have made life easier was lost to me as someone acquired the domain before I could get it. Therefore, fsp.link is not mine. However, I have managed to acquire one of the domains I want, and another is in limbo which I am guessing my preferred registrar is not set up properly with that domain.

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Week 9 – 2014

This is my first weekly update which replaces the daily update. This week could have been better. I received my T-Mobile bill, and noticed there was a discrepancy in my data for my Nexus 7. After talking with a half of dozen people (literally), and went through a range of email communications, I have the problem partially solved. It would seem that 30 days after I activated the tablet, my data is terminated even though I am supposed to get 200MB for the life of the tablet. A support ticket was sent to the engineer, but this could be as late as the first Monday of March for someone to address it. In the meantime, I am stuck having to get a 500MB data added to my bill, and the representative couldn’t even do that correctly. Email support fixed that, and promises to refund the charges for the 500MB while I fight to get my 200MB for that I am entitled too.

It got extremely cold this week again, but I managed to walk the dogs a few time. However, there were also a couple of days where it was dangerously cold for them to be going for a walk. Of course, they got to play indoors which is nice and warm. Talisa especially loves to sleep under the wool blanket at night. The dogs are doing well, although one of them misplaced the Kong toy again so I had to put the other one up until I take the time to look for it.

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Not much happened today. Talisa’s new leash collar came in. It was actually good that UPS decided to deliver the product before noon. Most of the time, they never come before 2PM. I am not complaining, but it is a shame that I am amazed when a company does something right. While Talisa wasn’t fond of the snout loop of the collar, she has been very good about not pulling.

Not much else happened today. I did composed a couple of emails, and started writing a blog posting on my Big Ass What If site, but hadn’t finished. I also watched a couple of shows that came through via Hulu which I watched.

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Not much happened today. I spent much of the time recovering from the tooth extraction which was still a little painful. I did manage to write a blog posting, and it was  posted to my BigAssWhatIf site. otherwise, not much was done.

As for tomorrow, I have no real plans. I will have a doctor’s appointment on Monday, but nothing for Friday, nor the weekend.


Not much happened today. I did a bit of work on a web site and had to make some changes. The web site will detail how I will define, and control the local bus system that seems to be getting worse and worst while they expect to get better.

Things for the most part are pretty much the same though. I checked my mail to see if I got the Connect Card for the local bus system which is one of the very few things they are doing correctly – although they haven’t fully implemented it yet. It has been in a Pilot program for a year now.

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Not much has happened today. The dogs were a bit lazy, but at 90°F, I can’t blame them. I finished the web site I been working on. If one wants to view it, they can go to http://www.bigasswhatif.com/. There was a page I forgot to enter, but that is a small issue that can be remedied quickly tomorrow.

Chris stopped by, and of course spent the night. He didn’t get here until after work last night. And when he got there, there are no buses running. And since Monday is a holiday, there will be no more bus service until Tuesday.

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Not much happened today. The dogs got the exercise they needed, but Talisa was a bit more active than normal. Malak started to pull a little more following Talisa’s lead. I will be increasing the speed on Malak’s treadmill session by .1 mph. This should make him less likely to follow her lead with her pulling. I will most likely place Talisa at 2.4mph which is the same increase as Malak, even though he is only at 1.8 after the increase.

They of course spent half of their day playing and being goofy, and half of it sleeping from the play. I did give them some training, but some things are still eluding them. Malak is not recognizing Go so easily, and Talisa will run to me excited and I say come. Since she is already very hyper, this is not a good way for her to come.

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Today was a very quiet day. I did managed to take Malak and Talisa out for a walk after their exercise. Talisa in turn is doing a little better, although there is still room for improvement. I worked on a couple of sites, and finished them up. In turn, I took them out of BETA, and listed them at http://bawi.fsp.tel/ I wrote a couple of emails, and did a little work on a couple of sites I want to get out of BETA as well.

No plans for  tomorrow. A friend sent something to me in the mail, but considering tomorrow is a holiday, the chances of the post office being open is none. I will go down on Tuesday. However, for tomorrow – it will be much like it would be on a Sunday. However, Nicole (who gave me Malak) will be starting a new job tomorrow – so best of luck to her. Otherwise, it will be a relatively quiet day.