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August 2

Today was a bit of a chaotic day. I had to go to the post office twice. The first time was to get postage stamps to mail off some documents. The second time was in the afternoon. Once I got the stamps, I prepared the envelopes to send them off, and went to the bank to withdraw the money for a money order. I then went to a local pharmacy to acquire the money order.

I then returned home, and with the documents mailed, I now had to get the money order written to give to the rental office. I then typed a small note to send with a small package for a friend of mine in Canada. I dropped off the rent at the office, went back to the post office to get a padded envelope, slap the addresses on them, filled out customs forms, and sent the package off. It should take 7 – 10 days according to the post office, even though Canada is right next door.

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July 10

Today was a bit of a quiet day. I had drawn a money order for the last bill I had. This bill in particular was a credit line for the MP3 player I had bought late last month. The minimum payment was $30, but I am trying to cut down on the actual bills I have, and the way to do that is to attack the credit lines. In this case, I paid $50, and future goals would be to pay $50 + interest which should have me paid off in the next 7 months.

In addition, I received a disc from Netflix. It was one I already seen, but I borrowed it to get a recap of the next ones in set which is a show rather than a movie. I already had the money order written up, and just needed a postage stamp. Once I finished watching the disc, I sealed it, and went to the post office. I got the stamp, sent the mail off, and forgot to check my box. This will mean I would make a special trip on Monday to check it.

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July 1

Today could have been a better day. I knew I would make it home with a lot of pain as I always do the first few days of  the month. However, the rent rebate I was hoping for didn’t seem to show up in my account which now means a lot of issues. So, for the time being, I am going to have to try to figure out how to account for such. The fact that my PC, and MP3 player have both went down, and needed replaced doesn’t help any. The PC took more than I could truly afford, and the MP3 will have high payments with high interest to deal with.

So, I neglected to get the supplies I need trying to deal with the bills first. I did cut everything I could think of down to the bare minimum. I did have to get my shoes tended too. One of the soles needed to be replace, and that was $25. This was a big hit to me, especially since that is one of my bills. However, my well being is more important than appeasing a multi-million dollar company.

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June 7

Today was a bit of a normal day. I had to make a phone call. In addition, my brother called me and asked me to send an email for him. I went to the post office which required I done another errand. After which, I taken care of a couple of bills.

I think the medicine I am currently taking is getting to me. I been feeling a bit ill, and I doubt it’s from anything else. It’s as if I was taking it for the first time which is not the case since I been on this for years now. Thankfully I see my doctor later this month. Continue reading June 7