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BBM for Not Android/iOS

Blackberry promised BBM on Android on 2013-09-21, but hasn’t delivered. In turn, a slew of malware fakes have appeared in the Google Play Store. Blackberry claims the reason why it didn’t put the app in the Play Store was because an version that wasn’t ready was unleaked to the public, and they are making some improvements on the IM client. Meanwhile, a select number of iOS users (mostly in the east) have been able to receive it.

This to me raises a lot of serious issues for regards to Blackberry. Now, I have a sentimental fondness for Blackberry. My first smart phone was a Blackberry 8320, and while I had never really got to use BBM, I did like the concept with a couple of flaws such as the PIN (Personal ID Number) was hard coded into the device which meant if you changed your device, your PIN changes too. It would seem as if Blackberry has eliminated that flaw, and made it user credential based.

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RIM PlayBook – Promising, but Not Perfect

There have been rumors about the Blackpad and RIM even acquired blackpad.com for whatever the reason. However, earlier today – RIM announce the plans for a multi-media slate style tablet. This tablet features a 1Ghz CPU, and 1GB of Ram which puts the standard 624Mhz with 256MB of memory that most of the newer RIM devices have to shame.

It has even been touted as the iPad killer for business users. So, why don’t I see this as perfect, or even marketable as perfect? Well, first – when tech blogs are touting this as the iPad killer for business users, that right there is the big problem. However, what I feel as the other problems is completely RIM’s fault.

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RIM Might Be Giving In to Touch Screen.

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/24 )

RIM, the makers of Blackberry might be coming out with OS 6.0 which would be an upgrade most likely for all of the 9xxx series phones like the 9000, 96xx, 95xx, and 9700. There are a number of features that seem to otherwise keep RIM from being stronger in the Smart Phone market. Of course, RIM is still a superb platform, but when people want to make the most of the phone’s size, and capabilities – this is where RIM has lacked.

One of the things that have seem to be famous for RIM was QWERTY keyboards targeting ½ QWERTY (Sure Type) keyboards for consumers. However as consumers focused their desires on models like the 83×0, 9000, and now the 9700 – it would seem as they would be pulling back on ½ QWERTY, at least for a physical keyboard.

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Boost + RIM 8330 = $60

Original Article ( http://fsp.tw/50 )

On January 13, Boost Mobile would start phasing out iDen, and going to it’s parent company’s CDMA service. In addition to not compete with Sprint, and to keep the unlimited services around, a limited few handsets would be made available.

Out of them, the most impressive one would be a $250 RIM Blackberry 8330. The 8330 is currently available on both Sprint and Verizon, and a few of them are world phones which means there is a GSM SIM slot within the phone. However, I personally do not think that this is on the 8330.

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Not for Everyone, but I’ll Take It!


I have come across an article with Engadget about a Bluetooth watch for the Blackberry phone. If I know Blackberry, this would be able to work on any Bluetooth Enabled device, unlike a Sony Ericsson watch. I looked at the article and did some more research on it.

However, it would seem that many people would find this watch as archaic, and pointless. Why have a watch when you can just look at your phone. The watch would only attract dateless geeks who still live with mom and dad.

However,  I could find a number of reasons for this watch, and with the right software, it could do a bit more. Let’s look at a few situations common in society. This is also considering that you would have a hands free set.

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Once You Go Blackberry, You May Never Go Back

People who use a RIM Blackberry Device on a very regular basis are sometimes called CrackBerries. For some reason, one finds the Blackberry device so easy, and so powerful, that they would find it hard to live without one. Let’s face it, email, push notifications, and one of the best access to applications, it makes sense that such a phone has an appeal.

One may even say that the Blackberry may have been responsible for the demise of the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). They are able to do everything your old PDA could do, and make phone calls as well. In a matter of fact, you could use the PDA’s Contact Directory to make calls from.

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I had my Blackberry 8320 for more than a year now. In a matter of fact, I could probably get a new phone on contract price around my birthday in February. For the more than 1 year of me having my Blackberry, and therefore that unique number hard coded into a Blackberry Device for secure pager like communications without knowing email addresses, or phone numbers can be done. And I love the concept. I love the fact that any other RIM user can send me a message from anywhere in the world, and it comes to me. No charges for international SMS, no email requirements and no need to deal with an actual phone number.

However, in the more than a year I had my Blackberry, I have come across a couple of people who had a Blackberry, and no one seems to use the PIN. So, what is the problem? Am I the only one that loves this feature?

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Quick Pull for RIM

I was browsing for some additional software for my 8320, and I came across a piece of software called Quick Pull. For those that have RIM devices, you know how much of a challenge it is to reboot your phone from the keyboard, and if you’re like me – you have a shell to protect your $400 investment. Taking out the shell to remove the back cover to pull the battery is definitely a chore, especially when this software does it so much better.

Quick Pull when the icon is selected will ask you if you wish to reboot so it is safe to put on your home screen. You can also schedule it to act automatically such as when you go to bed. So far, I only used it twice – one to see how it works, and it does one thing, and does it perfectly. You would figure they would have replace their power icon with this feature, and let you turn the phone off like most people will with the end/power key.

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I Love My Blackberry, but PIN is terrible.

Let’s get a couple of realistic scenarios. These really are not terrible, over dramatic and anyone can see either of these happening. However, either of these situations would cause problems with the Blackberry PIN system. What is a PIN. Think of it as a unique number associated with just the Blackberry device that acts much like an old fashion pager. However, the PIN is hard coded to the phone which is where the problem lies because you can’t change your PIN unless you buy a new Blackberry, and if you get a new Blackberry, you can’t keep your PIN.

It’s 7AM, and you’re late because your trusty Blackberry didn’t sound the alarm at 6:30AM. You turn your phone on and while the Blackberry tries to load up, it has a fatal error, and refuses to go on. You go to your carrier, and it’s a problem with the hardware. Your warranty, or insurance covers it, and you would have a new phone in a couple of days. However, you now have to change all of your contact information that displays your PIN, and give a new one.

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A Year with the Blackberry

It has been a year since I bought my RIM Blackberry 8320, and I thought I would give my thoughts. I am sure that very few would find this as interesting considering that the 8900 is the replacement to it, but some things would be worth noting.

First, I did have some problems with it that required that I replaced it. Also, I was a bit naive, at first, and dropped once which made a little scratch at the top. Nowadays, I use a hard plastic shell to covers everything but the buttons. It makes it impossible to use the holster though.

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