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Daily No More

On 2014-02-22, the last daily post was made. This post was published on 2014-02-23. The reason of this is very little day to day activity occurs where there is a warrant for a daily post. Most of the time lately, it has been an effort to gather a few sentences, and the next day’s plans are of little better. Essentially, writing a daily post has become a monotonous trial. And of course, some people can attribute that to my boring life, and in that instance, I will agree with them. However, it does not change the facts any.

In turn, from this point on – there will be a weekly update which will cover days Sunday – Saturday. Such post will be published either Saturday evening or Sunday morning. In turn though, when there is something that happens in my life that I feel warrants publishing, I will do so. If it is something that is just general activity, then it will be under the Just Life Category. I will also of course write blog postings on other subjects as the effort arises.


Today was a busy day. I went to my brother’s girlfriend’s place where I collected some of the money she owed, and a little of what Chris owed for their bill. It would seem to now be more trouble than good, so if they keep it up, I will have to start canceling lines. While I went there, I brought a 20lb bag of dog food for Nippers, and an 8GB micro-SD card for Alexis.

I then left to go to Downtown which I had to do some copies. I will finish with the copy work tomorrow. Chris picked me up to bring me home which he spent a couple of hours here before leaving. I finished the day catching up on some podcasts – mostly related with Apple.

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Not much happened today. I took the two out for a walk, but with it being a holiday, meant no bus service nor mail. I did chatted with a friend online, but otherwise, it was a quiet day. I did managed to write a very long blog that I would think of it as a retaliatory response on some attack comments that someone attempted to post on my site with posts that are close to 3 years old. As a supplement to the blog entry I created, also came a public viewable document with the would be comments.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will walk the dogs during the time it won’t rain, and wait for the mail. My goal is to hopefully get the Capital One check that I never asked for so I could deposit it in my account. I have a $20 cash bill that is due, so if I get the check, I will take $20 from that to pay the bill. Otherwise, I will have to do an ATM withdraw on my credit card.


Not much happened today. I spent the day home, and walked the dogs a couple of times. I also had an issue with a setting I did on my phone which caused severe problems. Thankfully, a good reset solved the problem. I will of course have to be more careful before doing anything overly dramatic.

Not much else happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely write a blog posting to address some ignorant comments. Considering that all of his comments are from posts two years ago, this person that is trying to get comments approved to get a hard on over a fight will be fun to deal with. I could just ignore it, but it will allow me to address the couple of legitimate comments, and put a warning out to similar childish like minds. I know, sounds like a very exciting day.


Not much happened. First, my T-Mobile bill has been recognized as paid. My ankles were hurting, but I did give the dogs a short walk at least until Talisa was pulling too much. I also came across a problem where iTunes was not synching to the iPod Touch properly, and the software for what ever reason it has unrated 1000 of my songs which is only pissing me off.

Otherwise, not much has happened. I watched a couple of podcasts, and some Hulu shows. I also wrote a blog posting, and wrote some email. Not much is planned for tomorrow, nor for the weekend. I do have plans for Monday after I pay my bills, I will have a couple of errands.


Not much happened today. I wrote a blog posting about my first impressions with the Nexus 4. It is a good phone, and I like it. However, any new phone will be much better than the G2x. The reason why I focused on the Nexus is the reliable update path which will be something to look forward too.

I watched a couple of videos, and a movie from Netflix. It seemed as if the postal carrier wasn’t coming, so I sent the DVDs back by dropping off at the mail box before 11:30AM. The mailbox says it is collected at 1:15, so it should have gone out today.

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Today was a crappy day. I spent it all sneezing, coughing, and wishing I could sleep. I did chat with someone, and made my comments known on a few blog postings, but otherwise – my day has been terrible. I did take a couple of baths to try to get the illness out (with heat), however it didn’t help much.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will likely stay in again, and if it stops raining, give the dogs a short walk. Otherwise, everyone will be inside again. I do have an appointment on November 1, so I will have to go to that no matter what.


Not much happened today. I did walk the dogs, but it was a short walk as it started to rain when I took them out. New neighbors moved in the upstairs apartment. This will be the third set of neighbors, so I am starting to feel like a veteran. I had a strange call with a +1 412 463 xxxx number, and they called twice according to the call logs, but decided to not leave a message. For this, they were marked as SPAM, and will always get voice mail. In the event they are a legitimate call, they will be taken off the SPAM.

I also finished the blog posting which took a while. I wanted to cut it down a little, but couldn’t do much. Chris also called, and said he was going to stop down, but he never did. I also went on Second Life for a little while to tend to some messages. I also worked on a couple of pages after the blog posting.

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Not much happened today. I spent a little time working on a blog posting. I also did some time watching a couple of videos. Talisa was vomiting in the morning, so I didn’t take them for a walk. She however recovered, so I assumed it was just something caught in the throat.

Otherwise, not much happened today. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to walk the dogs, hopefully finish the blog posting, and catch up on anything else that needs to be done.


Not much happened today. I spent much of the time recovering from the tooth extraction which was still a little painful. I did manage to write a blog posting, and it was  posted to my BigAssWhatIf site. otherwise, not much was done.

As for tomorrow, I have no real plans. I will have a doctor’s appointment on Monday, but nothing for Friday, nor the weekend.