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Today wasn’t as busy, although I had to go to the grocery store to pick up dog food. I also had to make a couple of phone calls, and wrote a couple of blog postings. I took the dogs out for a couple of walks, but the day finished off a bit quiet for the most part.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans for tomorrow. I will likely remain home, and rest from the three days of over-exerting my ankles. I will need to do laundry before Friday which I do have a $10 bill for that. I will likely consider doing that tomorrow.


Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store to get some sauce, and cheese. This will be to utilize the ground beef I bought yesterday which I will likely mix with the mushrooms  to make a simple meat meal. I also spent a little time reading on the upcoming Mac Pro for research on the blog posting that I wrote in the evening.

Chris came by, and paid some, but not all of the money for the phone bill. He supposedly will give the rest this weekend, or next weekend. However, next weekend will be the start of the next billing month. I reminded him that this can no happen like this again. If it does, I will have to charge him a late fee which seems to be the only deterrent, and if worse comes to worst, I will have to take the phone, and cancel the line when the phone is paid.

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Not much happened today. Talisa’s new leash collar came in. It was actually good that UPS decided to deliver the product before noon. Most of the time, they never come before 2PM. I am not complaining, but it is a shame that I am amazed when a company does something right. While Talisa wasn’t fond of the snout loop of the collar, she has been very good about not pulling.

Not much else happened today. I did composed a couple of emails, and started writing a blog posting on my Big Ass What If site, but hadn’t finished. I also watched a couple of shows that came through via Hulu which I watched.

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A bit happened today, at least during the morning. In a sense, I didn’t want to go as I still had a bit of pain, however I sucked it up. I had a few errands that had to be done in order to make life reasonable over the next days, and future. Before I left, I gave the dogs a rawhide stick. They get one every few days to keep their teeth clean.

About 9AM, I left to take a bus to go to a post office. It was actually a sub-station with the postal clerk complaining that I only had a $100 bill when I wanted to pay for $70 worth of services. I personally feel it wasn’t my fault that he couldn’t complete my order fully. I think from now on, I will check to see if I could just purchase online through the post office’s web site. It wouldn’t have solved all of my problems, but it would have solved what I would consider as stupidity on the worker’s part.

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Not much happened today. I had a late start, but this was because of the pain in the ankles. It was one of those days where I couldn’t stand without crying. After 3,000mg of Ibuprofen on top of my regular medicine, the pain was tolerable enough to walk the dogs in the mid afternoon.

I made a phone call this morning to give someone a reminder. He came by and dropped off some money he owed which I guess is good (as can be) that I didn’t go to the grocery store. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and wrote a couple of blog postings as well.

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Not much happened today. Chris stopped by for a few hours. T-Mobile also rolled out their new plans, but I don’t think there will be much of a price difference. I also noted they didn’t remove a feature I asked them too, so I will have to contact them tomorrow. My bill is slightly lower than I expected, so I will make the savings to the phone’s EIP payment on Monday.

I also made a phone call, but there was no real results. I will give a reminder call on Tuesday. I done some calculations to make sure the accounting for next month is accurate. Otherwise, not much else is happening. I did wrote a blog posting on why LTE sucks. I have no problem with the speed, but I do have the problem that LTE will kill the global phone.

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Not much happened today. It was severely cold, so the dogs only had one walk today. In addition, I tried to do work on the PC that was handed to me to service. The system is however unredeemable in my opinion. The owner told me to stop work on it, and I will be taking it back to him. I also watched a show on Netflix (when my Internet was tolerable), and did some work that is outsourced to me.

Today wasn’t all good. I somehow noticed I lost some money which will hurt me next month. I also have been in a bit of pain today. The monitor that Chris gave me was a lemon. I did manage to write a blog posting, so that is good.

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Not much happened today. I wrote a blog posting and had a discussion on the stability of Port Authority, but for the most part – this day was pretty quiet. Not much else went on – although I am falling behind on various pages I should have done.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will probably do some work on those pages, and I might end up resting as I hadn’t as good of a sleep as I should be. Last, I will also have to make a phone call or two.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped by and stayed for a part of the day. I finished the blog post, and worked a little on the web site. Otherwise, not much happened. My ankles were hurting a lot, so I didn’t get to take the dogs out for a walk. I will have to try to take them out on a longer one tomorrow.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to go to East Ohio Street to run a couple of errands, and drop off a piece of mail. I will likely come home, and do some more work on the web site. I have about one more page remaining which means I will have a new Big Ass What If Site.


Not much happened today. Chris stopped by early today, and left in the late afternoon. The dogs played around a lot today as well, and Talisa is a little cramped, so she will take it easy tomorrow. I also finished my blog posting, and learned that $100,000 doesn’t go as far as I will like it to go.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. It is Sunday, so I will be home no matter what. I will have to run an errand for Monday, but that is Monday.