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Review: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

About a month ago, I received the Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones which was purchased from Walmart. I purchased the headphones as I would prefer to have no wires with my headphones while listening to music. Any set of headphones I would buy needs to have a microphone as the headphones would be used with my cellular phone.

So, what would I recommend after a month with the headphones? Well the first 3 weeks – the headphones were sufficient. They were cheap, so I never expected much, but during the third week, the battery seemed to start to die after just a couple of hours of music playing. The volume was always kept at a normal rate, and I rarely receive phone calls, so this wasn’t the culprit. A few days before writing this post, the power button fell in the headphones – now making them unusable. I would be contacting Walmart in a day or two to hopefully get the headphones replaced, but this is not a good sign. Continue reading Review: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

First Impression: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

The Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones is a set of over the ear muff style headphones that is completely using Bluetooth. As with any set of headphones, I will require the ability to handle phone calls. I had purchased the headphones from Walmart (item number: 551674858). There was no mention on the Bluetooth version that is supported, nor the profiles – however as cheap as it is, I doubt it uses Bluetooth 4.0 which offers low energy. The headphones are designed as expected for the most part. It is basic, but effective. The left side is blank with no buttons nor controls, while the right side hosts the USB charging port, play/pause button which also functions as the call answer/disconnect button and the power when held for about 5 seconds. The volume controls is the top and bottom buttons while the previous/next is the positional left/right. All of the controls are in a circle formation with a small round button for the play/pause. Obviously, the color selected was black but the interior of the muff is a baby color violet. Thankfully – no one will see that.

I bought these headphones because the ones I have been using for a year wasn’t working properly with my ears. After a year of fighting to keep them in only so they can pop out when I prefer them to not too, I knew I needed a new set. The Jabra Halo 2 was an utter failure even though I wanted the multi-point features they had. I could have bought a set of headphones that would have looped with my earlobes, but I literally was spending a few dollars more to have the Bluetooth set. The old wired headphones will remain in my backpack to function as a backup if the Bluetooth ones should have their battery charge expire. Continue reading First Impression: Northwest 72-MA861 Headphones

Kinivo BTH240 Headphones

I purchased these headphones almost a month ago, and will now be writing a review of them. I bought these headphones as I needed something that would allow me to listen to music, and use my phone without the drop outs, and stuttering issues. This essentially was replacing my Jabra Halo 2 that was almost $90 which in my opinion isn’t worth $9.

The headphone being bluetooth do not have a cable connection as the Halo 2 offered, nor does it offer multi-point which means I can only connect one device at a time. The connecting rod runs through the back of the neck, and will require those with medium or longer length hair to make sure the rod is between the neck, and the hair. If not, your fit will likely be uncomfortable. The headphones were $40, and about what you would expect from the quality. There are ear loops, but the headphones are over the ear.

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Not much happened today. I spent a significant portion of my day waiting on FedEx. However, about 3PM, I received my rawhide sticks (for the dogs), and headphones. Once the headphones were charged, I paired it with the phone, and will have attempt to make use of them tomorrow.

Of course, the dogs had their walk, and brushing. I also watched a couple of videos, and chatted with someone on Skype. I also updated my OS to Windows 8.1 which I now have a completely useless button on my taskbar with my desktop environment.

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Not much happened today. However, I went through a severe disappointment, and waste of time. I received the Bluetooth watch, but for some reason, it refused to cooperate with the Halo2, and the Nexus 4. Unpairing it even was more trouble than worth as even when it was off, it continued to nag me to be paired until I finally dropped it off in a UPS collection box.

Otherwise, not much has happened. I spent some time walking the dogs, and they also had some time to play. As for plans for tomorrow, I will expect to be home with no plans for the day, nor weekend.


Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store, but that was needed. I also received the rechargeable batteries which will keep the controller with power rather than wasting $5 every week and a half. I also ordered as Bluetooth watch which I will hope will work. I read mix reviews, but since there are so few watches, it is hard to find something reasonable in price that will have an excellent rating.

Otherwise, not much else happened. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be going to my brother’s to pick up the phone money. I will also be making a deposit, but otherwise – no real plans for the day.


Not much happened today, although today was a bit busy. First, a few things came in that was ordered. I received a rent rebate which was used to get the dogs in for an annual checkup, but also was used to get them new correction collars, a 6 pack of socks, and I splurged in getting a set of Bluetooth headphones – all of which have been received today. I am still waiting on the rechargeable batteries which will reduce the need to purchase batteries for the controller.

I also went down to pick up my prescription which was supposed to be filled yesterday, but I wasn’t able to pick it up since there are no buses in Troy Hill on Sunday. The local pharmacy still does not wish to support UPMC for You, and I have given up on them almost a year ago. I went down to get the prescription which had to be filled, but thankfully, I made it to the stop in time for the bus that brought me to East Ohio to return me to Troy Hill. Otherwise, I would have had to wait for more than an hour.

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Jabra Halo 2: First Impressions

Today (2013-07-08), I had received the Jabra Halo 2 Bluetooth headphones that I purchased from Amazon. Yes, I am sure some people are smirking, and whispering under their breath the word “DORK”. However, there is a rationale to why I would want this.

First, there will come a time where I will want to listen to my music player, and handle calls using the same hands free solution. Wired options is not that great for this. In addition, I walk my dogs regularly, and I don’t want a wire dangling while I am walking them. Even if I wasn’t listening to music, I should be able to handle a call without having the phone to my ear with my hand while walking two dogs.

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Not for Everyone, but I’ll Take It!


I have come across an article with Engadget about a Bluetooth watch for the Blackberry phone. If I know Blackberry, this would be able to work on any Bluetooth Enabled device, unlike a Sony Ericsson watch. I looked at the article and did some more research on it.

However, it would seem that many people would find this watch as archaic, and pointless. Why have a watch when you can just look at your phone. The watch would only attract dateless geeks who still live with mom and dad.

However,  I could find a number of reasons for this watch, and with the right software, it could do a bit more. Let’s look at a few situations common in society. This is also considering that you would have a hands free set.

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A Stupid Waste of $2,000

Samsung/Ericsson is coming out with a watch/cell phone for $2000. It has 3G, a hands free set, and Bluetooth. You use a stylus to enter numbers on the face which is a digital time. This must be the most wonderful thing? Wrong! It is the most stupid thing that you could spend $2,000 on. Let’s look at the reasons, shall we?

First, a 1.8" display. To give you an idea, that’s an average size of many external displays such as the square one on the outside of the Razr. It’s sufficient for CID, and seeing the time, but really – do you want to do much of anything else with it? Second, it relies on Bluetooth which is good, or a hands free wire set. So, what someone do, walk down the street with headphones attached to their watch? Does this thing even have a microSD card? and really, who’s browsing the Internet on a 1.8" screen? I know I’m not. Why would 3G be needed. This is obviously an excuse to charge $2,000. The only thing a data connection would be good for is to get updates, and notifications.

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