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A bit happened today. I had a doctor’s appointment at 1:15 which meant I had to leave my apartment at 12:00. I also had other things to do, one getting food for the dogs. They ate their last meal this morning which meant – no matter what, they needed more food. I hadn’t been to the post office in almost a month neither.

So, I left my home at noon – shortly after exercising the dogs, walking them, and feeding them. I took the bus, and got into Downtown about 12:20. I went to the post office to pick up my mail. Most of it was junk mail, and the remainder was bills (one of which was paid already). I then walked to the P1 stop on Grant Street to get to my appointment on time.

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Today was a good day for the most part. Since I will be getting Malak the next day, I needed to get a few things for him. One of them was a basic collar which will be adjustable, and has a D- Ring for ID tags. I also needed an ID tag. I bought a basic one similar to an ID tag a military service-person will have. It was able to have two sides engraved on it. On Side 1 has his name, his .TEL (malak.tel), his month and year of birth, his gender, and his breed. On the second side is my name, telephone number, contact directory, email address (that can fit on the tag), and ZIP code of residence. This tag will be a first line of information if he should get lost. He will also get a dog license, and will be micro-chipped next month. These two can also provide information, but the dog license is pretty much pointless except as a money generator for the city of Pittsburgh. A dog license for a non-fixed dog is $12, while a fixed dog is $7. Thankfully, next year I will be paying $14 for the two dogs rather than the one.

I also got a bone for him. It is a similar one to what Talisa has. He also got a lead leash (same one Talisa has), however I will need to get a leash for the treadmill. And last, I bought dog food. The dog food I bought this month was a smaller bag, but it was the largest size for the brand I get them. Today, I went to Giant Eagle and bought a 34lb bag which should last a month (considering I will have two dogs). I did pick up some pens for myself, and Chris drove me back home. I watched a couple of episodes of Dexter (S5: D2). I will watch the third episode of the disc tomorrow morning morning. Talisa got a very short walk as it started to rain very hard (another reason for the treadmill).

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