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Today was a bit chaotic. Andrea’s phone broke, and she lost her SIM card. Since I am the owner of her account, I had to go and get a new SIM. She is using my old My Touch which doesn’t serve me well, but will serve her which is better than nothing. The alternative was to put $70 down, and make $10 per month on a $250 phone. There would have been an upgrade fee which means I (she) would be charged for the privilege of purchasing a phone from a company that already gets about $150 per month.

However, with me trying to show her how to use and problems with buses and taxis, I left my home about 1:45PM, and didn’t get home until about 8PM. Thankfully, the dogs held their urine, and feces in until I made it home which was good. I just wished that they could have been trusted for free roam of the home.

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Upgraded to Unbearable

My 17” finally became intolerable, and wasn’t able to function. It blacked out every few moments for a minute or two. There were times, it was blacked out more than it was functioning. So, I went to the back up monitor which is a really old and crappy 14” CRT, and gives about 12” visible. To top it off, the best resolution makes the text a little hard to read, but downgrading to the next lower resolution would only make everything except reading poor.

So, what must I do? I would have to buy a new monitor. A 15.6” LCD new with Walmart is $100 with taxes, and shipping to the store. I will be checking Amazon, and a pawn shop Chris recommended, but I am expecting at $100 which would only hurt my other costs. However, I am nonetheless stuck with this unbearable monitor until I can get something better.

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