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Today was a slightly busy day. Chris asked me to bring his keys over, however he didn’t have the bus fare to return. In reality, I should have just gone tomorrow. However, on another note, he gave a couple of days of groceries that will need a couple of things to make them complete. Nonetheless, that will help a little. When I got home, I let the two out, and prepared their meals. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned, although I will try to get some groceries. It will depend on how cold it gets as it is not essential right now. Although, I will have to consider everything as I have a package due on Wednesday.


Not much happened today. I had a couple of errands to do. One of them was in Downtown, while the other was to drop off my prescription on the North Side. To conserve costs, I walked from Troy Hill to East Ohio to drop off the prescription. After that, I took a bus to Downtown to make some copies, and finally a bus back home.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will likely stay home, with exception of walking the dogs, and making some phone calls.


Today was a very tedious day. I called the head Social Security Office which they told me I will have to go down to the office. I also had to get blood work at the request of my PCP, and cleats on my shoes. I paid the full fare bus fare to get into Downtown early only so I could wait 45 minutes at Quest Diagnostics to be seen. After that, I went to the Social Security Office which I was seen by the person I needed to speak with about 10:30AM (90 minutes later). After that, I got new cleats on my shoes, and then went to Rite-Aid to pick up the last of my prescriptions. As usual, they didn’t fill them until I got there, and by the time they finished, I had to make a decision to deposit the money in the bank, and wait an hour, or deposit the money later.

When I got home, I let the dogs out, answered a web message, and fed the dogs. I then prepared to deposit the money and get some groceries. I waited until rush hour service which meant a shorter wait for the bus home. I finished the day walking the dogs in the evening, and writing this blog post. However, much of my day was wasted.

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Not much happened today. I went to the grocery store to get some necessities. I also tried to reach Chris regarding his phone bill, but he was obviously too busy. I will have to set an ultimatum with him then. Otherwise, not much else happened. Malak’s previous owner said she will be willing to take the two to the vet for their checkup which is nice of her. Otherwise, I would have likely needed to pay a pet taxi which would have been a bit expensive for my budget. I also ordered bus tickets, and purchased more bus fare to store on my card.

As for plans for tomorrow, no plans really. Being a Sunday, there is nothing that can really be done. However, it will be the start of a busy week in comparison to most of my weeks. At least things will get done during this time.


Not much happened today. I gave the dogs a brushing, and let them play outside for a while. I also took them for a walk. For dinner, they had chicken broth with a hot dog, and an egg mixed with their dog food, so I am sure they enjoyed it. I got the bus tickets I ordered a few days ago, so that is of help.

Last, I wrote a few emails, wrote a blog post, and watched a couple of shows on Hulu. I did fall asleep, so I guess I needed the nap. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a phone call in the morning. However, nothing else planned especially being a Sunday. I do have to go to the grocery store on Monday, but that is obviously for another day.


Not much happened today. I decided to order the bus tickets online, and therefore pay $2.00 to have it mailed to me. Otherwise, I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and walked the dogs. Not much else happened for the most part though.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to make a phone call, and send an SMS. I will normally make a call, but since this person will likely be working, I will not want to disturb him.


Today was partially productive, and partially a waste of time. I left a little before 9AM to get everything done as quickly as possible. The first thing I needed to do was go to Downtown to refill my card, and get more tickets. I only had enough for 4 trips left, so it needed to be added to.

After that, I went to the South Side to go to Katsur Dental. Since they didn’t seem to have any interest in serving me when I lived in Oakland, I just wanted to go to get certain X-Rays that insurance will only cover for once every 5 years. However, for some stupid reason, they weren’t open, and I will have to go back on Monday.

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First Impression–Connect Card

Late last month, I received my Connect Card from Port Authority of Allegheny County. I am not going to go in how this should had been doing 10 years ago, or how I had to wait almost 3 weeks before I could have started using it, but this is in focus on my first impression of the card, and what I think should be improved on.

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A bit has happened today. It would seem as if my appointment was 1 hour later than what they told me. This became a waste of time. It was even more of waste of time. On some other news, I was able to activate my connect card as well.

First, I tried to make a call with rescheduling an appointment. This didn’t work out, and seemed to have called them too early. I also spent too much time on the phone trying to activate the card. I eventually went to the service center, but they told me I had to activate it before I could add funds, and I had to call them to activate it.

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Today was a bit of a hectic day. Chris asked me to stop by, and he offered to give me bus fare. He gave me about enough to get back on, but that was all. I did have lunch while there, but not much else happened. I came back home and exercised the dogs before feeding them, and letting them play for a while. As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. Most likely, I will stay home.