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Week 46 – 2014

This week could have been better. Spent the week waiting for the dog food from Amazon to come in. Keep in mind that I ordered it a week ago. It would seem as if I had to wait for Saturday to request a replacement – even though UPS never received it. I will be writing an entry about this as soon as the problem is resolved. However, I expected better. Needless to say, I still had to get dog food. I expect to run out either Sunday or Monday. I don’t want to have to go on the day I needed it, so I went on Thursday to get the dog food. The closest place was Edgewood Town Center where I could buy a 20lb bag of food for $30. This meant I had to take a 4: Troy Hill followed by a 61A: North Braddock, and then walk 3 blocks. With my ankles and the fact the 61A only runs about every 30 minutes – I would probably have to take 3 buses the next time, especially since this round trip cost me 3 hours of my time.

On Friday night, I informed Amazon which I should get a new shipment. Otherwise, my week has been spent working on the massive document that has consumed a bit of my time. No real plans for the coming week other than a couple of errands.


Today could have been a better day. UPS came, but the driver couldn’t locate the phone which was out for delivery. I didn’t expect it, but it would have been good to have it nonetheless. The driver however took back the USB hub that I had returned. After the failed UPS delivery, I let the dogs out so I can leave for my dental surgery. I had to get my wisdom tooth extracted and since the tooth was impacted, it was an outpatient procedure. The surgery took about an hour, and I had a prescription for anti-biotics which I will start tomorrow.

After the procedure, I went to my Andrea’s to collect the last month’s phone payment, and it also had a minor payment towards this billing month. They also told me of a problem which I had helped in resolving. After leaving Andrea’s, I walked to the local Rite-Aid in Bloomfield to get my prescription filled, and get a couple of cans of soup since I should be on a lite food diet for a few days (so the extraction can heal). I then had to wait about 20 minutes for a 54C, and another 20 minutes for the 4. I left home about noon, and got home about 5:30PM. Obviously with the pain, I wasn’t in the mood for much of anything.

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Not much happened today. I made a partial payment for a bill. I also made a call to someone to remind him of something. I had to reset my router again as well contact Verizon to get a replacement modem+router. I had a lot of birthday notices which was nice of the people that offered it. I tried to call Chris which wasn’t successful, so I will try again tomorrow.

I also came across some terrible news. Port Authority of Allegheny County is planning on eliminating or reducing routes throughout as well as increase rates. This is almost expected, however the problem is that they are planning on completely eliminating the Route 4 which is the only bus that runs through Troy Hill. If this takes effect, I will have to walk about a mile before I can take a bus to Downtown. Going somewhere will mean I will have to walk downhill, while returning home will mean I will have to walk uphill.

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Today was a bit of a busy day. I got a DVD which I watched before taking the bus to Downtown. The movie finished just in time with about a 10 minute wait before the bus came. I then took the bus to Downtown to go to the post office to get my mail. I didn’t get anything important, and something from a company that is going to make it impossible for me to deal with them. In turn, I would cut my losses with them, and fight them as I see fit. I also received an invoice for $1.00 from the hospital. I called the number and asked what would be the best way to address this as it would cost about $1.50 to pay the $1.00 bill. Thankfully, I would be able to pay the bill when I go back to the anesthesiologist for my pain medicine.

After I got the mail, I decided to save some money, and cause a bit of pain later. I walked to the grocery store from Downtown to the North Shore. It’s only about a mile, but it was a painful mile. I also had to be on my feet while doing the shopping. However, if didn’t do this, it would have cost more money in bus fare, and been an extra hour. The post office, and the store took about 2 hours which was a bit amazing in my opinion considering the way the bus would run. If I miss one, I have to wait an hour.

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Not much happened today. I had to drop off some letters, and therefore went to the closest mailbox I know of. I also waited for Chris to come by for shopping, but he never showed, so therefore I just took a bus there. Going to the grocery store isn’t bad, however when I go to using a wheelchair again, it would be much harder to travel the nearly 4 blocks with groceries to return home. Much of the remainder of the day is pretty much the same. There was a friend request on Facebook, and I accepted it since I know the person.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned. I will remain home, and one of the things I probably should do is separate the ground beef for meals later, but otherwise – not much planned. I will close for now, and have a good night to all.

Life in the New Apartment

A couple of days ago, I moved into a new apartment. This apartment is a bit of a change from the previous apartment. The unit itself is actually an old house converted into two units. I of course with the strong consideration I will be in a wheelchair would be on the first floor. The neighborhood – while good wouldn’t have been my first choice. I have usually lived in the central – East side of the city, and now live on the Northern side where there are fewer buses. As for why I had to move, it was because the company that owned the building wouldn’t have been accepting Section-8, and I wouldn’t have made another lease year before they would have stopped accepting.

Finding the place was a tedious trial to say the least. It took 6 months to find this one, and most other places either wouldn’t have accepted Section-8, on a higher floor, or on a property with too many steps. A few other places were in neighborhoods with a higher crime rate or no realistic access to buses. So out of 6 months of looking, this was really the only available place. And while I am sure I could have continued to look, it was more of an exhausting process as all of the realistic conventions of hunting within my limits was thin. So, while this place isn’t my first real choice, it is acceptable.

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Today was a busy day. I didn’t get into the new apartment until about 12:30AM, and with the efforts of the day to accomplish, this only made things more complicated. I plugged in what I needed to, took a bath, and went to bed. Even despite the alarm going off at 6:00AM (which it should), I turned it off, and went to bed until 8AM. Part of the reason was due to earlier where I had to deal with moving in on the last minutes. Once I woke up, I looked through what I can to try to find the bills that needed to be addressed in person which I couldn’t find. I cut my losses after 10AM, and prepared to go to the post office and get my mail as well as a money order (rent).

After that, I went to the bus stop and waited about 30 minutes. During the day time, the Route 4 only runs once an hour which of course is going to be an issue in the future I am sure. Once I got on the bus, I did a look up of the local pharmacy which I wanted to make sure that they will use my insurance, and can fill the one prescription that most pharmacies will not wish to fill. The pharmacy will fill the prescription, but it would seem as if I am the only that would need that prescription, so I will have to give a couple of weeks notice. I guess this will be better than having to catch an extra bus.

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Progress on the Hunt

Today, I went to the only apartment I found that would hopefully meet my needs. I spoke with the property owner, and he would have to install a ramp for the time I would end up dealing with a wheelchair. In comparison to what I have now, this is a downgrade, but considering that this unit will no longer accept Section-8 in the next lease year, and a 1BR is more than my month’s income + utilities, I definitely can not even think of this place.

So, what is my initial assessment of this apartment? Well, the owner seems pretty reasonable, and seems as if he is willing to work with me. I have informed him that I can not afford to pay more than what I am paying now. As for financial considerations, my hopes is to get the utilities included, and get the security deposit waived (unlikely), or reduced. However, there are other considerations too.

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Finally, a Possibility

I think I might have found a 1BR apartment. I spoke with the property owner today about 9:30AM, and everything is on the first floor, and a ramp will just have to be installed. His main concern was to find someone mature and responsible. I informed him I have been at the current apartment since 2001, and the only reason I am moving is the place will no longer be taking Section-8.

Based on Google Maps, there is a Uni-Mart (convenience store) about two blocks from me. There are two banks, but neither of them are the bank I use. No true loyalty with the bank, so unless the bank I deal with will be willing to do a little butt licking, I maybe throwing them out. There is a bar (not that I care), and a pizza shop (prices seems reasonable from their site).

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November 5

Today was a bit of a busy day. I first had to go to the Downtown area of the city. I went to get more listings with no good results, went to the post office with nothing of interests, and went to the Public Transit’s Customer Service to get schedules for Andie.

Afterwards, I went to Andie and Chris’ place to drop the schedules off, and walked about 5 blocks to where I could catch two buses to go to Oakland which the one I walked for came first, and got me back to Oakland in about 10 – 15 minutes.

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