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Today was a bit eventful. I had to call my anesthesiologist for a prescription refill. I also had to go to an appointment I made on the same day. The appointment was to address my flu symptoms. Ironically, the most severe symptom hasn’t resurfaced since I went. Although, the appointment, and the trip there and back took about 5 hours of my day.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will most likely stay home, but otherwise – I will will plan on walking the dogs before they will be fed. Not much else is expected to go on.


A bit more than usual has happened today. First, I needed to go to Downtown to get bus tickets, and add to my Connect Card. It would seem as if the fare box panics and hiccups when you try to pay with cash, and a fare card. So the idea is to hand the driver the bus ticket which will support for a transfer, and use the fare card for the actual fare.

After the trip to Downtown to get my card filled and bus tickets, I went to the store in the North Side and purchased some food. I essentially purchased breakfast and lunch for the rest of the food month. After that, I walked to the nearby pharmacy to purchased iced tea. Even though there was a line, and people taking their time, I managed to catch the bus with a few moments to spare.

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What PAT should be doing?

On April 4, PAT (Port Authority Transit) in Allegheny County is starting their revision of the bus system. A couple of the very wasteful routes were dismissed, and a couple of routes that had major changes done were renamed. One example was the 64A turning into the 64 and the service starting in the Lawenceville area rather than in East Liberty.

However, there are some things that they should have done. While I personally felt they should have did a mass conversion at one time, they aren’t and won’t. So, here are a few things I feel they should have done if they want to do this very slow phasing in.

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