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Week 14 – 2014

This week was a bit of a busy week. Almost every day, I was out doing something. Exceptions to this was on Sunday. On Monday, the dogs got a long walk. This was a bit different from their normal one as they had a walk as far as Downtown. On Tuesday, I had a dental appointment for denture fittings. On Wednesday, I had an appointment with my primary care doctor which wanted me to see a specialist for an ear problem I have. On Thursday, I made the appointment which they wanted me to come in the next morning. In addition, the dogs got a longer walk – this time just to the Giant Eagle. In addition, Chris stopped by for a couple of hours. On Friday, I had the appointment with the ear doctor which some medicine was prescribed. After which, I had to run an errand. On Saturday, I had to wait for FedEx to deliver a package. This package was rawhide sticks for the dogs, a USB Charging hub, and cooking rings which is used for pancakes, and eggs. After that, I went to the Laundromat which I had to do my laundry.

On other events, I received a letter from Duquesne Electric accepting me into the CAP program which helps with reducing the electric bill. I also got cleats on my shoes which was needed especially considering that I do have to walk a lot with the dogs. I got my SSI benefits which went to my bills, and credit cards. Otherwise, this has been a productive, but hard weekend. There were a few days where I had to supplement my pain medicine with Ibuprofen.

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Today was a busy day. I woke up early which was a good thing. After letting the two out in the back yard, I took them out for a walk. Malak still feels a need to do his business on the walk which I am not too fond of. After the walk, they had some time for themselves before I let them out one more time, and then having to leave for an appointment.

My appointment is for a dental surgeon that will do some work that the regular dentist can’t do. My appointment was for 8:30AM. I arrived at 8:!5AM, and finally seen the doctor at 9:30AM. Yes, that would be 1 hour later than the appointment. I personally would have expected better from Montifeore Hospital.

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Today was a hectic day. I spent much of it on the phone trying to deal with a mailing address discrepancy. It will seem as if the Allegheny County Assistance Office is claiming that they only have my residential address, while UPMC for You which is my insurance provider through Medical Assistance says they must continue to use my PO Box as that is what the ACAO has. Even getting the local state representative hasn’t improved matters.

In addition, Andrea hadn’t made any payment with the phone bill. While I doubt it, she still has through tomorrow, but it will just make my life a little more difficult. I will wait until Sunday before trying to deal with it – as to give a benefit of a doubt.

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Today could have been more productive. Andie at first needed me to come at 3:00PM, and then she called telling me that she didn’t need me. This messed up plans. However, it was a little productive. I got to show Andie how to use the chain control collar, but she’s not as comfortable with walking Nippers the way she needs to be, so I will try to come every other week to help. I hadn’t got much else done. Chris brought me over, and stayed for about 30 minutes, but left home since he got sick. After that, I took Talisa for her evening walk (about 10:00PM), and got her back about 11:30PM. Part of the time was spent that I came across a friend that moved in my area, and she walked part of the way. As with everyone that met my girl, she loves Talisa.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to pay a couple of bills. Make a deposit in the bank, and get a money order for the rent. I will also be sending messages, and checking email. However, considering that someone’s dog was waking me up through out the night, my day will be a long one. I will also have some podcasts to catch up on too. If all works out right, I should be home about 10:30.


Today was a hectic day. I ended up watching my niece and nephews. Xavier (the youngest) was a bit of handful. The other two was lacking in listening. One time, when Alexis needed to get ready, and was “looking for a check point” on some game to save. I gave her 10 minutes, and turn the game off. Of course, she got angry, but life goes on. Otherwise, not much went on until about 10PM when Chris got back from work and took me home. He spent a couple of hours here, and return home.

I couldn’t do much else, so I will be backed up with Hulu shows, and podcasts that I would need to watch, or otherwise catch up on. I finally went to bed, and got sleep which couldn’t do that well while I at my brother’s. As for plans for tomorrow, not much planned, other than some catch up. In the meantime, I would keep this post short, as I all that I did really don’t need a lot of detail.