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Not much happened today. I spent almost all of my day waiting for FedEX to come. They finally did about 4PM. It was too late to go grocery shopping, so I had to get something locally which took a chunk of what would have been bus fare. This of course will make things harder for me.

As for what else I had done, I spent some time watching TV, and trying to condition the dogs to use the treadmill. This has been proving easier said than done. However, considering my circumstances, this is something I should get them to do. I also was hoping to have someone come by and drop off some money he owed me, but this didn’t happen. With that in mind, I will have to wait for him.

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Not much happened today. I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up razors, and spent a little more than I expected. I also made a couple of phone calls. I also had been in a bit of pain, and ended up taking a nap along with the dogs in the mid-day. The cage I ordered made it from Georgia to Ohio. I am hoping to get it sometime tomorrow.

As for plans for tomorrow, not much is planned. I will be staying home for the most part, and will have to be home to wait on the cage. I will also continue on trying to get the dogs to walk on a treadmill. Once I am able to do that, they will use it daily with a social walk during good weather. However, I will have to get them to walk properly in it first.


Not much happened today. I spent a little bit of time trying to get some work on the site done. I also watched a few recordings. I was in a bit of pain, and the soles are diminished, so I couldn’t take the dogs out. However, I am working twice as hard to get them to utilize the treadmill. It is a little tricky as I never taught a dog to use a treadmill before. In my opinion, Talisa needs it the most as she is still overly excited and full of energy even with two daily hourly walks.

As for my hunt on cages, I am seeking the best price. After looking on Craigslist, and not finding anything useful, and got an email for one offering a large cage for $50 without a bottom plate, and I will pick up, it seems discouraging there is one from Amazon for $1.22 (including S&H) with a bottom plate, and new. Since it will be shipped to me, I will obviously not have to go to pick it up. It would come to my home instead of the PO Box. I will write to the person that wrote me and give him my final answer.

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Today, not much happened. I looked around on Craigslist for a Kennel cage. This is due to the fact it will seem as if both must be in a cage. While I am not a fan of this method. If I leave them out on their own, they will start to destroy cushions, and other things. This of course is not a good thing for me financially, nor for their health. If I leave Malak leashed to the cage, he will pull on the cage which can lead to some harm. Last time I left out (yesterday), and leashed Talisa, she wrecked part of the flooring. This means I must look for a second cage. My maximum budget is $60 which is too much, but little other choice.

I also did a little bit of work, but mostly today was a lazy day. I spent some time playing with the dogs, and watched some television. I also cut the walk short since my soles needs to be replaced severely which is depressing since I only had the shoes for a few months. I checked with a shoe repair shop in Downtown, and he will need the shoes for a day, and since this is my only pair – I can not do that. I will call Colaizzi Pedorthic on Monday, and figure what my options are. I will see if I could make payment arrangements, but if not – I will have short another company again – especially with the setting aside $60 on the cage to reduce further damages.

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Today was a bit of an exciting day, although I was hoping it would have been more productive. I got Malak (formally known as Ikey) which is a black male pit bull about 6 months old. He has a couple of issues that will need to be worked on, but he actually behaves a little better than Talisa. However I still love them both. I also got to chat with a couple of people online, sent a couple of messages, and Chris stopped by. He was going to help assemble the treadmill, but forgot one of the needed tools. I did get to walk Malak (with Talisa) twice today which means it can be done.

Since Malak is still not house trained, I will have to invest in newspapers.The papers will remain under the cage. He will need to be in a kennel cage any time they can not be supervised. This is because Talisa is not spayed. However, since she will get her vaccines on the 7th, I will expect that her spaying will be between the 14th and 17th. By then, I am hoping that most if not all accidents can be corrected. As for plans for tomorrow, I will have to walk both dogs in the morning, and I will hope that we can get the treadmill assembled. Once the treadmill is assembled, I can get the dogs conditioned to get a workout on that. Most likely Talisa will go before the long walk while Malak will go after the long walk.