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Today was somewhat of an active day, but not much happened. I did get a 32GB micro-SD card for the tablet which now functions as a music player without having to rely on an Internet connection. However, to load the 3,000 or so songs took about 4 hours over wifi which was disappointing. Otherwise, not much else happened. I watched a couple of shows on Hulu, and cancelled my Netflix subscription. I did the cancellation for a couple of reasons. First, there wasn’t much on to watch that I hadn’t seen before, or interested in watching over again. Second, I am trying to cut back on my bills, and cost of living.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will consider running a couple of errands, and will have to make a phone call or two. Otherwise, not much else is planned. Likewise, the weekend will also be rather quiet.


Not much happened today. I didn’t sleep well at all last night which meant I was rather drowsy throughout the day. I did walk the dogs a couple of times, but otherwise – this has been a relatively quiet day.

I also set the order to cancel Hulu Plus. They have become not worth the $8 per month. I get the same amount of commercials I would have as a regular user, and that is when something comes in my queue. Simply put, Hulu has been a disappointment, and I could spend my $8 on something else.

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Not much happened today. I helped a person out on Google Plus. The person was a trauma nurse that wanted to learn sign language so she could communicate with hearing impaired patients. I don’t know how valuable the information will be, but if nothing else, I pointed her in the right direction.

The dogs got a walk in the afternoon, but I am considering pushing their walk to the morning or evening as the heat has been a bit high. I am not worried as much of them being exhausted, but hot pavement is not good for the paws, especially if we were to do any long walks.

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Not much happened today. I decided I will be phasing out Facebook as it has been proving more useless than it is worth. Otherwise, not much happened. I of course took the two for a walk, but they still are not allowed on the couch as they destroyed one of the last couch cushions the day before.

Not much planned for tomorrow. I will have to make a phone call in the morning, but otherwise – the day will be quiet. I was expecting something to come through today which will have allowed me to get the last of my expenses completed, but so far – this hasn’t happened.

Goodbye Call Centric

As one who finds a great value in SIP, it is counter productive to cancel a SIP service. However, there were reasons of why I have done this, and while some may not even know what this is about, I would explain for the sake of the post.

First, SIP is Session Initiated Protocol. This is what most VOIP services uses to some degree. SIP is always in a fashion similar to an email address. However, when you use an old fashion phone, the dialing an email address is not really possible. SIP providers such as most of the ones I use will use numbers as the UID, and then when you want to call another user on the network, you simply dial the UID.

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If it’s unique, T-Mobile will Kill it!

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About 2 years ago, T-Mobile offered two services that was unique, and only to them. It could have been game changers if it was marketed right, but in around 2 years time – T-Mobile has or will be killing two unique services that no other carrier in the United States Offers.

The first and probably most promising service would be the UMA service. Throughout 2009, only a few new phones offered UMA, and even as we speak now, only the RIM 9700 which just came out in December offered 3G, and UMA. The second feature was their @Home service which offered an ATA and the ability to have T-Mobile calling area and service over your current broadband connection. This was also a extra benefit as this was considered a network call.

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