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Review: Capital One 360

I normally don’t review financial products/services as typically everyone’s needs are different. For example, I have a basic credit card with a relatively low interest, but no cash back. I don’t use the credit on my card enough to really benefit from cash back especially at a threat of higher interest rates. However, this is a bank account, and most people need a bank account, right? Now, your bank account may serve you well, and if that is the case – keep it. However, if you are looking for a new account, this might be an option to consider.

I chosen to open a Capital One 360 account for a few reasons. First, my previous account (which I still have the account open) gave me a bank account, but seem to refuse me when I asked for a credit card or a personal loan to consolidate debt, and get a few essentials. With the fact that I already had a credit card and on time payments with them had been 100%, I felt as if I wasn’t being looked at as a customer, but a number with another number attached. With this in mind, I have loss any personal sense of loyalty and commitment to them. I already had a Capital One Credit card which I had for more than 8 years when I applied for the loan, so I had an established payment history – one that was longer than my bank account. So knowing that I will be treated as a number with a big bank like Capital One, I didn’t see much difference in customer relations to what I been dealing with already. Continue reading Review: Capital One 360

Week 11 – 2014

This week was a bit eventful. Even though Capital One denied me receiving the Quicksilver card (the one with cash back), and received a notice of the denial, I received another application request, and got the card I applied for. So, go figure. This week has been relatively busy otherwise. On Monday, I had to go to my anesthesiologist for a regular check up, and prescription. While on the bus to that appointment, I made an appointment for the dentist for the next day for some mold castings. In addition, on Monday, I bought a new pair of jeans, a package of socks, and razors (cheap ones) that will be used if the set I ordered does not come in time.

On Tuesday, it was just as busy. First, I went to register with the CAP Program. This will help make my electric bill a little more affordable. The representative suggested that I don’t pay next month’s bill which will be a shocker to me. However, I will follow their advise – at least for one month. That money will however go to my credit card. I also had to call a specialized pharmacy to verify some information for a special medicine I will receive for my pain. This will be in conjunction with my regular pain medicine. I then returned home, walked the dogs, and took a little nap. I woke up to go to the dentist which I forgot my shopping cart. I therefore will have to go another day. The dental appointment was better than most of the appointments as there was no real discomfort as they had to file a couple of the teeth down for the mold castings.

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Today was a bit of a bad day. My phone didn’t want to turn on for a few hours again, and didn’t charge through the night. This of course is forcing me to have to get another replacement. It started working again, so at least I had it.

In the meantime, Capital One has decided to screw things up again. The Positive Balance Credit (where I paid more than owed) was withdrawn from my account to be sent as a check, but while the check was cut, the money will remain with Capital One, and I should be able to get it back about the 29th. This is just leaving me more unsatisfied with Capital One to the point I now consider them a necessary evil. This compounded with the fact that they will not provide me with additional credit beyond $500, and my current PC is failing doesn’t make things better.

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Today was a terrible day. I made through. To keep matters simple, let’s just say that I am not satisfied with how I have been treated by Capital One the past couple of days. I have been having problems with my PC, so that is a problem I will have to deal with. It will seem as if I will have to rough it to say the least. Hopefully, I can address my issues sooner than my expected 5 months.

The weather cooled down which is a benefit, I walked the dogs in the morning, and in the evening. I wrote an email, and had a pointless discussion both on the phone, and through Twitter about my account. Yes, my account is in good standing, and no problem, but that means nothing.

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Consequences with Loyalty to Capital One

A number of years ago, I have been approved for a Capital One card. I can’t recall the exact date, but I know it has been at least 5 years, but wouldn’t be surprised if it has been 10 years. So, why would I be so upset? Well, in recent times, I have been treated in a manner that is inappropriate in how I have dealt with Capital One. Unfortunately, this is not going to change things, but it will force me to literally make financial decision based on whether or not it is acceptable to Capital One.

Now Capital One wants to claim, they are doing so much for me. My interest rate is 13.9% which I am sure is pretty good in comparison to other people. Although, let’s face it, it ought to be. Nonetheless, this is of no consequence to me as I will explain later. There is also traveler’s insurance, roadside assistance and extended warranty of certain products. I will get to that later in this post.

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Not much happened today. I was home most of the day although I went to the pharmacy to drop off my prescription. It’s due to be filled on the 9th, but that is a Sunday, and I have to do grocery shopping on the 11th, so that is when I will pick up my prescription.

I walked the dogs, and of course gave them time to play. Not much else happened, especially with today being so hot. I received my electric bill electronically, and I could either pay $15.75 or pay $31.67 as a budget amount – you know because the more expensive option is s much smarter. I made the necessary adjustments to my calendar entry for tomorrow so I have one place to compare all of the variable bills.

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Not much happened today. Andie asked me to give my opinion on a couple of phones she wanted to get for Alexis and Gage. Of course, being her, she had to perform the whole means of communication via SMS. I tried to call to give her an alternative, but she of course wouldn’t answer. I am just glad I can handle my SMS via my PC.

I also got the check from Capital One. In their infinite wisdom (or stupidity), they decided to take the over payment I gave them, and send it by check (the most inconvenient way possible). The check was for $93.33, but at the time of writing this post, I used $94.79 of my credit. In other words, if they didn’t “process” this check I never asked for, I would have only used $1.46 of my credit line. I will deposit the check which means a trip to the bank, and when I pay my bills on Friday, I will give the amount I owe + $125 for my recurring bills.

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Today was a quiet, but a good day. Chris stopped by in the evening, and spent a couple of hours here. He had to go home of course which he has work tomorrow. However, on a more interesting note, Malak is doing a bit better with other dogs. There was actually a dog that was walking behind us for a couple of blocks. He just ignored him. He did reacted to a dog that was barking at him from behind the fence, but that just gave me an opportunity to correct the unwanted behavior.

On a not as good note, I come to find out that Capital One took the liberty of refunding a over payment that was more than half of what I overpaid. I should get a check in 10 business days. In other words – 2 weeks. On top of that, I will have to make a special trip to the bank to deposit the check, and wait another two days for it to be available with my bank, and another 3 days for it to return to my Capital One account – or in other words – 3 weeks. Since all of my recurring automatic bills are processed to my credit card, I over pay to take care of an estimate on what I will pay. In other words – I pay for my bills. In the meantime, I will have $93.33 that I will not have access to for three weeks. Considering my benefits is only $730 – this is a significant amount. Meanwhile, I still have $140 worth of bills that will go to my credit card this month. My brother believes they are trying to get more interests out of me since this year so far, they got less than $4, and the last two months, I didn’t have a payment due.

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Not much happened today. Andrea paid her phone bill – although a day and a half late. Some of the money went to the Capital One credit card I have. The goal is to attack the card’s balance aggressively while replacing my cellular phone as soon as possible. Needless to say, I did a little more adjustment to that.

My goal will be to finish November with a $290 available credit. I will want to start December with a net credit (after money for bills and interest is addressed) to be $430. Assuming the shipping and handling of the Nexus 4 will be $25 – I am hoping to purchase that phone. This will mean I will cut my T-Mobile bill by $10 in January. I will get the insurance in January, and get the dogs with an annual checkup (although late) in February. If all works out well, I will be paid off in May.

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Capital One, You’re Going Down!

Last month, I had made a final payment on a loan – so I thought (more on that in another post). Now, I have a EIP payment with my current phone and my carrier which has one or two payments remaining of $25 each at 0% interests, it would seem as if I have funds that was once to a loan now available for something else.

This will be a Capital One Credit Credit which is currently used to address automatic bills after the first week. However, there has been issues that put me in using the card for other reasons as well. This has made me have a high balance due (in comparison to the $500 line of credit). However, with the loan out of the question, I will be able to essentially double my minimum monthly payment to them.

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