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July 2018

Not much happened this month. I wrote a few emails to a person, and kept up with Twitter. I am adjusting to the new phone I had for a little more than a month. As usual, I posted my thoughts about it which you could find at http://fsp.cc/1+6. The first week however was spent paying bills, transferring my rent rebate to my savings account, and taking Malak to the vet for his annual checkup.

The second week wasn’t very exciting. I received my food assistance benefits which I then went to the grocery store and bought most of the food I need for the month. As usual, I bought hot dogs, a few TV dinners, bread, coffee, and have some left over to handle the more perishable foods. I also went to the pharmacy to purchase Q-Tips.
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Republic Wireless–Good Concept, not so Good Implementation

Republic Wireless opened for business today, and they have an interesting idea. Unlimited service – $20 per month. However, this is with condition. First, the service will use the internet to make calls when possible. This will require the phone’s wifi antenna to be active, and while it would use cellular service when no wifi is available – the cellular part is not unlimited. There is no set minutes as the idea is to jump on cellular as a backup, but rely mostly on wifi.

This is good for many people, but not for everyone. If you are home or in a place with a wireless network, you are going to benefit from the concept. If you are on the road a lot, or your home/work does not have wifi, this is not so good. Assuming average broadband being $50 per month, one would not implement this if they won’t normally use broadband services.The phone’s programming automatically sets it to call with a wifi network anytime it connects. This is how UMA works, and in my opinion, all smart phones should be doing this.

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Today was a bit of a busy day. I first had to go to the post office where I picked up my mail including a couple of bills that were paid, and my electric bill. Of course, wanting to deal with that immediately, I took care of my phone bill, and then took care of the electric bill. It would seem as if I used 96kw, and had a $20 bill. In all honesty, I wished it was lower. I also received a letter from the light company because the mail goes to the post office box rather than my home address.

While I was at the T-Mobile store, I asked a question about a problem I have with my phone’s email client. It would seem as if there is a bug, and the solution is to install another email client. Hm, T-Mobile, that is not a solution to the bug. I also chatted with a couple of people and sent a message to another person. Otherwise, not much went on, especially with the great deal of pain I have. I did go to the grocery store, and got hopefully a week’s worth of groceries. I spent some time watching some shows on Hulu, but that was to catch up so to say.

As for plans for tomorrow, I will be attempting to do some cleaning in my apartment, and maybe – just maybe make a small video. I will also want to try to create a blog entry other than the daily updates. In any event, I will try to make most of the day.


Today was a bit of a busy day, although not much accomplished. Chris was able to get me into Downtown which I picked up my mail, and got some postage stamps. After that, I went to Wendy’s to get a cup of Orange Juice to  hold over until the cellular carrier’s store open so I could replace my phone. This process took about 30 minutes, and they had to replace the SIM card to support HSPA+. Afterwards, I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus, and started to do some app downloads to get the apps I needed. The new phone performs much better than the old phone ever did in its best day. I have downloaded all of the apps I needed, and had to charge the phone. Even after the charging, I will have to plug it in for the night.

I did write a blog posting about the first impression. Shortly afterwards, people from Spark of Hope – Pittsburgh called and offered the fold away couch, a couple of chairs, and a couple of lamps. In all honesty, I didn’t expect much since I had no help from the charities when I needed a deposit. This was definitely a good thing. Chris stopped by for a little while, and I wanted to give him the old phone, but I seem to have lost the SD card I was to install. I would have to wait until Monday when I can hopefully buy a card for him. As for plans for tomorrow, I will be staying home So good night all, and take care.

The quest of a new carrier

On Sunday 20th of March 2011 – AT&T made it public that they will be buying T-Mobile. The only thing that would stop them is if United States regulatory prevents the sale – which I do not see happening. Now, I am in need of replacing my current phone (a 528Mhz – 3 yr old model) with something that is newer. However, with a sale of T-Mobile coming in a year, and AT&T’s plans to convert T-Mobile towers to LTE concerns me on buying a $500 – $600 phone without a contract for it to be of now real good come 18 months from now. Now, I maybe overly paranoid, and AT&T is expected to offer T-Mobile customers some discounts when converting, but converting will cost more, and of course – you are forced into AT&T’s plan. So, what difference does this make? If I was on an individual plan, I will be paying $100 (including tax) for the voice, SMS, and 5GB with throttling instead of overage. I also have tethering as T-Mobile doesn’t tell you how you can use the data you pay for.

Now, I am sure that I could get a contract, and maybe get them to give me a good rate on the contract (which they offered me), however even with that in mind, I will expect to pay $250 for a new phone on a contract. Keep in mind, this new phone may not work, and at best I may get half the value (probably not) of the phone in trade in on an AT&T phone when the acquisition is completed. So I now have to decide what am I going to do. It is obvious, that I am going to be stuck with a contract unless I go with some lower grade company, but the question is who, how much, and what I will loose. Continue reading The quest of a new carrier

Possible Savings on your phone bill

In these trying economic times, there is a desire to save money where possible. With the cell phone companies still charging you 35¢ per minute for overages, this might actually be of help if you’re on a tight budget. Keep in mind, if you are not home often, or if find using your cell phone more so because you are out – this might not be of best interest to you. In which case, you would want to get an unlimited plan.

Now, this technique would take some work on your part, especially in the beginning, and may even require some investment on your part. However, the monthly fees added to your budget would far outweigh the savings in the long run. So, what would you need for all of this glory to work?

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R.I.P. UMA. You Will Be Missed

Now, I am not saying completely dead, but T-Mobile literally pulled the plug, and last breaths. Shame on you for killing UMA. How could you, and after all it’s done for you. Now, I am sure that some people would say I have UMA! You lie Frank. And yes, you are right – UMA still technically exists. Here is what you need to consider.

For those that don’t know what UMA is, it is when you are able to use your cell phone’s wifi capabilities to connect to your broadband service to use all of the features normally on your cell phone service across the Internet. This is normally associated with phone calls, and people benefit either on a cost perspective (not paying for phone calls on the cell network), or infrastructure where there isn’t a good reception for the carrier. Continue reading R.I.P. UMA. You Will Be Missed

Is the Landline Dying?

I came across an article by someone that seemed to be so ridiculous that I nearly laughed. He said that the landline is dead, and the only phones that would be in the near future are cell phones, and people talking from the computer. And “analysts” get paid for saying this “crap”?

But Frank, you are thinking backwards. The landline phone is dead. Everyone is moving to cells and VOIP. Exactly, however the conventional phone as we know where there is a cable that runs from your home to the phone’s Central Office (aka: POTS) is dying. I made mention of that a few times in my previous posts. However, the basic idea of the home or business phone is not dead, and still kicking well.

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The Cell Phone Should Just Die

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am a bit biased, or technically more savvy then some. Maybe I like the flair, or the great things that could be done. However, no matter what the reason, the cellular phone should just die off. Now I am sure there are many people that would say “But Frank, what would replace them. People need cell phones to communicate these days”. People don’t need cell phones, but what’s important is cellular communications. What should be replacing them are the smart phones that are out there.

And now, I am sure that some people would say “Now Frank, how can granny handle a smart phone, and you know they are more expensive because of the data plan, right?” Let’s address the more realistic option first, and that would be the data plan. Yes, the data plan would make your phone service more expensive, but the people and the market should start to drive the prices down. First, if more people are using smart phones, and complaining about the data plan – they would start looking for cheaper prices, and just as before 2007 when the big 4 didn’t consider offering unlimited calling plans, they now do. As for poor little Grandma, I am sure that most grandmothers are smart enough to understand the basics. Get a good enough smart phone for her, she would probably not only make and receive phone calls, but also delve in email from her grandchildren. Now, you know you don’t call as often as you should, right?

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A Year with the Blackberry

It has been a year since I bought my RIM Blackberry 8320, and I thought I would give my thoughts. I am sure that very few would find this as interesting considering that the 8900 is the replacement to it, but some things would be worth noting.

First, I did have some problems with it that required that I replaced it. Also, I was a bit naive, at first, and dropped once which made a little scratch at the top. Nowadays, I use a hard plastic shell to covers everything but the buttons. It makes it impossible to use the holster though.

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